Lexus RX 200t Test Mule Spotted in Japan?

Lexus RX 200t

Japanese magazine MAG-X has published photos of what they claim is a test mule for the turbocharged four-cylinder Lexus RX 200t — here’s the full page from the September issue:

Lexus RX 200t Full Page from Mag-X

The very first mention of a possible RX 200t came in April of this year, when Lexus filed a trademark for the nameplate in Australia — the 200t designation is expected to be the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine announced by Toyota last year.

[Source: MAG-X]


  1. Looks like a smaller RX. Probably the way to go to maximize sales. Hoping Lexus doesn't wimp out, and leave the LF-NX style in Frankfurt. BD
  2. The Venza rims don't look half bad on the RX.
  3. The problem is that the RX is so popular that Lexus can leave their winning formula as is.
  4. Maybe they use body of RX to test the NX drivetrain.... maybe
  5. Anyone can read Japanese What is that small gold cuv near the harrier? It got the same harrier logo!!!!!
  6. The production of the new RX will start next December. This is just a test mule for the new RX.
  7. And here it is, in prototype form.