New Photos of the 2014 Lexus GX 460

2014 Lexus GX 460 Photos from Canada

Lexus Canada has published a fresh new photo gallery of the 2014 GX 460:

The 2014 update brings the GX much closer in appearance to the LX, and the result looks much tougher — always impressed with how Lexus is able to integrate the spindle grille into an existing design, and it really works here.

[Source: Lexus Canada Facebook]


  1. Is this gonna be sold in England?
  2. Lexus has me hooked on their cars, I'm liking the GX now. The spindle grille has been incorporated well on this model. Fantastic work.
  3. Why isn't the RX, GX or LX equipped with dual exhaust?
  4. i think it be much more appealing if Lexus will offer this with an f-sport model. just imagine if those fog light/blinker housing will be replace with a mesh-type like those in GS F-Sport, it will look so mean.
  5. Lexus should think about make this model global now, i know TMC still see the Toyota Prado as substitute in other markets.Given that the Lexus Brand is trying to gain market share in the SUV segment outside the US.
  6. What's about italy?!? Always left behind... :-(
    • Max

      Si sono d'accordo! Totally agree! We italians have the Land Cruiser wich is way less attractive than this beautiful big beast, bellissima la nuova GX con la Spindle Grille! Saluti da Roma!
  7. the spindle grill worked really well on the IS. not completly sold just yet
  8. Max

    I'm going mad with the spindle grille, such a beautiful spot just like "Fontana di Trevi", sculptured, aggressive and elegant, too bad this beautiful Off Road (this is not an SUV) is not for sale here and the other big beast,the LX too.