More Information on the TMG Bi-Turbo Lexus LS

Lexus LS TMG 650

Lexus UK has posted a feature on the wild 641 hp bi-turbo LS TS 650 developed by Toyota Motorsports Germany — here’s TMG’s Alastair Moffitt describing the super sports sedan:

Developed as a showcase of TMG performance, the TS 650 is strictly a one-off machine for the time being — however, as Moffitt mentions in the video:

“We believe you can be very strong in developing prototype examples which could then be taken by the Toyota or Lexus group and expanded into small series production cars. So, we hope this is an exciting time, we want to be more involved in the road car side of things, it’s an interesting and very challenging industry so we’d like to bring something to the brand.”

Read more about the LS TS 650 at the Lexus UK blog


  1. Woah ! Finally I can hear the car actually driving/running ! I'd love to hear & see more about the car's driving though ! And the sound surprised me ! It's an awesome sound !
  2. To be honest - since 2009 i don´t understand why Toyota/Lexus isn´t using there "Motorsport" base here in germany for "sporty" cars inside the Toyota Group.
  3. Leaves you scratching your head doesn't it. Very positive Akio, has taken a # 1 & 2 at the TMG facilities numerous times. As to why, this magic card sort-of-skunwork dept. not being utilized heavily in all (F you too) Lexus's? That LS right there is bonkers and seriously these Oji hentai sacho-san's at Toyota City are drinking too much Sake. Clearly not seeing the potential, at least not acting on it. #SuperSlowManagement
  4. Release this BEAST!