Select 2014 Lexus Models to Feature Apple’s Siri Eyes-Free System

Lexus Siri Eyes-Free

Good news for iPhone owners, Lexus will be introducing the Siri Eyes-Free system to select 2014 models:

When drivers pair their personal iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 with a Lexus vehicle via Bluetooth, Siri performs an amazing range of tasks. Need to make a call on the highway? Ask Siri to connect you. Need to send a quick text message, IM, or email? Just dictate it to Siri. When replies come in, Siri reads them aloud over the audio system.

Bonus: the system provides turn-by-turn navigation using Apple Maps. When you request directions from Siri, a map pops up on your phone while Siri delivers directions over the audio system.

Included as a standard feature on the 2014 ES, GS, LS and RX, Siri Eyes-Free will be accessible using the steering wheel’s Off-Hook phone button.

Read more about Lexus Siri Eyes-Free at Lexus Magazine


  1. We would like to see a Demo Video of this feature on the GS and RC coupe.
  2. LEXUS!!! I know setting up for all Android devices is tricky, but please put in the effort! I love Google Now, and I want to access it with the touch of a button rather than having that button just sit there... mock at me...
    • Androids do all this already (S4 at least) without the carmaker having to put it in anything special
    • Really? Thanks for letting me know! I ought to give it a try! I have a Droid RAZR Maxx.
    • Wait. What I meant is that I can utilize Google Now on an Android device through the feature mentioned in this article. Activating Google Now voice control is a bit tricky sometimes, especially when connected through Bluetooth.
  3. Bonus: the system provides turn-by-turn navigation using Apple Maps. Nope Nope Nope I don't want to get lost.
  4. WHY wouldn't this feature be available as standard on the All New IS? Mind boggling Lexus.
  5. How would customers know whether to use Apple Maps or Lexus Navigation? Which would be easier/more convenient to use?
  6. Why is the message button on phone panel grey shaded and I cannot access it. I just leased a 2014 300H ES