More Photos of the Lexus GS F Test Mule

Lexus GS F Prototype

A couple weeks back, a modified Lexus GS test mule was spotted alongside the camouflaged RC F coupe — today, Auto Evolution has new photos of what could be the GS F high performance sedan:

Lexus GS F Test Mule

Despite the standard body shell, the quad-exhausts and exaggerated rear air diffuser are clear signs that this is no ordinary GS — the GS is also wearing the same LFA Nürburgring wheels seen on the RC F prototype, though they do look deceptively small.

There is one curious detail: the GS lacks the hood vents and fender vents seen on the RC F prototype — by omitting this type of performance boosts, just what are these engineers testing?

(Big request to all the spy photographers out there — get some photos of the front end!)

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