More Video of the Lexus RC F Prototype

Lexus RC F Prototype

There’s new footage of the RC F prototype on Nürburgring, this time from German magazine Autobild:

With its monster V8 providing the soundtrack, the RC F prototype looks so stable in the corners — little body roll is visible despite the vehicle’s high speed.

In fact, it’s that high speed that’s most exciting — the driver shows little hesitation to push the RC F prototype hard, and the car has no trouble responding. Judging from these videos, we can expect some big things from this high performance coupe.


  1. MD

    Awesome video! Looking great on the track. On a side note, I am missing the LFA ripping through that track and howling insanely already. :( :( :(
  2. Awesome..looks so sharp. Btw, any update regarding the just released nxt gen toyota harrier? Should it be the next RX?
    • I doubt it. I think we've seen the last update for the 3rd generation RX,and the next change will be a new and larger Highlander-based 4th gen. I could be wrong,of course.
    • If you are correct, the new harrier could be the next RX because other than the roof and of course the front fascia, its all highlander.
  3. Still the same sounds as IS-F , so it's the same 2UR-GSE again ?! :(
  4. Cool. New not related. AMG/Aston married into a technical relationship with Daimler get 5% equity of A.M.Lagonda. Akio, should have grab this ultra-luxury brand a year ago. #AlwaysLaggingOnEverything. Smh
    • remember Aston and AMG are partnering. Aston wanted Toyota to buy them and Toyota didn't see the value and neither did I . what would they get out of it many will say some great engines right? and that's all Aston Martin is losing money lots of money day by day they needed somebody and am happy they found it in AMG Toyota wouldn't have been the company for Aston.. at first I wanted the deal to go though and make it sit above the Lexus Brand and drop scion and let Aston Martin take on RR and Bentley but what I realized Aston is more of a Porsches fighter and the way Lexus are doing things I feel like they creating they own performance machine by themselves ... look at this coupe it looks and sounds beautiful Lexus came a long way they have conquer the luxury and quality department now they aiming for the performance division and with the LFA I think that's something they can Master too and if they do Lexus will be a one of a kind in the game today because BMW MB nor Audi have the Lexus quality all they have on Lexus is performance and soon that might change
  5. The voice in the Video is saying that Lexus is working on a "V6 Bi-Turbo engine with an electric Motor". They say Lexus is working on a new Hybrid powertrain for the RC Cóupe. I thought there will be an RC 300h for some markets? (Europe, Japan and Asia)
  6. hmmmm, I wish someone could translate some lines lol.
    • RK

      they say that that it may debut with a 5.0 V8 with 450PS (probably based on the current ISF V8 but with a bit more power), then a biturbo V6 hybrid version will follow later.
  7. Did anyone else see there was 2 RC-Fs and an IS-F. Wonder if they are testing 2 different engines (V8 vs. V6 TT) against the IS-F. Also looks like it has LFA nurburging package wheels.
    • Actually I just noticed there is 3 different license plates 681, 682, 683. At 0:18 you see 681, 683. But it was 682 seen around the track (as in krew's still-image).