Lexus Enthusiast Reader Survey

Lexus Enthusiast Reader Poll

The Lexus Enthusiast website has just turned six years old, and similar to Lexus introducing the spindle grille and going international, it’s time for some changes to keep the site fresh.

First things first, in order to better understand what you’re most interested in, it’s time to introduce the very first Lexus Enthusiast Reader Survey — there’s questions about your favorite Lexus models, social media, and even if you have a hard time spelling the word “Enthusiast”.

Completing the survey should take less than ten minutes, and as a way to say thanks, there will be a giveaway of ten prize packs each containing a Lexus USB drive and a 2014 IS microfiber cloth — if you want to be entered in the draw, be sure to finish the survey and enter your email address!

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  1. Ooo! Is that microfiber cloth branded?! :D Are you considering changing the site's name? lol This site always pops up before because I visit here so much.
  2. I sent a letter straight to Lexus in Torrance, CA back in day day, maybe 1995 or so. They sent me back a red and gold Lexus Pen and Letter Opener Set, to thank me for my feedback. Came in a black box,with a nice felt lining inside. Pure Lexus class, all the way. They knew how to treat a young Black Dynamite with the utmost respect! A real mutual admiration society. BD
  3. that was one long survey :D
  4. By the way, this is the inaugural survey, not the first annual survey. x]
  5. ED

  6. Completed the Survey! I may not post on here as much but I still check back here everyday. Thanks for all your hard work krew!
  7. Funny, I just did the survey without even knowing there was a prize involved. Yaay prizes.