Video: Black & Yellow Bumblebee Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Yellow & Black Stripes

JM Custom Creations, the customized car division of JM Lexus in Florida, has done up Lexus LFA #425 in a crazy black & yellow striped pattern, and here’s the video to prove it.

(Rest easy everyone, the yellow is just a vinyl wrap.)

See the Bumblebee Lexus LFA for yourself


  1. This thing looks should be in Transformers!!! and they should name it the Japanese Hornet(arguably the most deadliest bee in the world) hehe. This theme of choice looks great!
  2. If they wanted to turn one of the world's most beautiful cars into an ugly-looking, cartoon-like vehicle, they succeeded. Fortunately it's just vinyl wrap, so the LFA's sexiness isn't completely compromised.
  3. I remember when I first saw the LFA at JM Lexus, I was astonished! I will definitely take a trip there tomorrow to see this one.
  4. It looks like a poisonous frog.