Lexus LS 600hL Road Trip Through Northern California

Lexus LS Beyond Magazine: The Road

The new Lexus publication BEYOND Magazine features a northern California road trip with famed art curator Jens Hoffman and a LS 600hL — here’s a video preview of the article:

The story’s presentation on the Lexus International website is wonderfully done, following the trip with a road map of the route — following the earlier feature with the LF-CC concept, it’s another excellent article from the new magazine.

Read about Jens Hoffman’s LS 600hL Roadtrip


  1. The LS looks best with the mulitple spoke rim option .. every other rim Lexus has for it doesnt look befitting of an expensive car.
  2. I've always wanted to do a road trip in Northern California.
  3. The Lexus LS is truly majestic.