More Details on the New Lexus Global Brand Commercial

Lexus Amazing in Motion

Yesterday, Lexus released ‘Steps’, the first commercial of their new Amazing in Motion global brand campaign — here’s two videos describing the work that went into creating the giant 11-foot figures and their “personalities”:

The commercial itself sparked some conversation, including this insightful comment from Randy Magnum:

Great music, short/endearing/relatable story-line, and simple, not quite understated product shot at the very end; good work. Sometimes just associating certain emotions, or a pleasant feeling with the product, is the desired effect.

There’s something in this sentiment that rings true — initially the commercial feels very complicated with its giant puppets and ninja puppeteers, and yet there’s a classic storyline at the heart of it all.

Not to dig too deeply into the meaning, but it’s clear from the videos above that a lot of effort went into giving life to these two inanimate objects — is it that much different than what Lexus engineers & designers are trying to achieve with their vehicles?