Tommy Kaira Releases Lexus LS F SPORT Body Kit

Lexus LS F SPORT Rowen by Tommy Kaira

Japanese tuner Tommy Kaira has created a Rowen body kit for the 2013 Lexus LS F SPORT:

There’s also this full circle video look at the Rowen kit:

The complete kit comes in two options — the carbon fiber version retails for ¥430,000 ($4,375 USD), and the FRP version costs ¥300,000 ($3,050 USD).

[Source: Tommy Kaira]


  1. Way overdone for my tastes!...Looks like a kit that I could see Wald Black Bison offering.My Infiniti G Coupe with a sports tuned suspension doesn't sit that low!...How long before that front lip on that LS gets torn off at the first dip in the road?...Hope there's a button to raise that thing up!
  2. Well it's a FINE kit however, I don't really know why Japaness companies always CHANGE ONLY the body kit and CHANGE nothing in the Machine Why don't they be JUST like the (HAMANN, MANSORY and a good Example of Japaness company called INVADER) so people from the Middle East buy Japaness cars too NOT ONLY European cars Please correct ME if there is any mistake!
  3. Not feeling that spoiler and the LED's on the bottom, I think the headlight LED is enough for me. The bottom one is just overkill, kinda like the new S class, looks like a damn Christmas tree. But overall this car is not too bad looking.