No New Small Cars Planned for Lexus

Lexus IS

In an interview with Wards Auto, Lexus USA VP of Marketing Brian Smith explains Lexus has no immediate plans to release another subcompact car beyond the CT:

There currently are no plans for an entry-level non-hybrid car to slot in under the all-new ’14 IS sport coupe, although Smith says that remains a possibility if the market demands it. Lexus retails the compact hybrid hatchback CT 200h in the U.S.

Luxury competitors have been forced to offer entry-level vehicles to meet fuel-economy mandates, but Smith says Lexus, due to its grouping with Toyota and Scion, does not need such fuel-sippers.

However, he says Lexus will continue to monitor the trend toward small, entry-level luxury vehicles. And if there’s sufficient demand, “Lexus might go there someday.”

The introduction of a proper coupe and a compact crossover are the two largest opportunities for the Lexus lineup right now, but the C-Segment is turning into a key battlefield for luxury brands (see the new 1-series, B-Class & A3) and may be one of the best ways for Lexus to grow its brand worldwide. Definitely an interesting market to watch.

(I’m still of the mind that Lexus should build a sports car based off the GT-86/FRS platform, but would that even be classified as an entry-level model?)

[Source: Wards Auto]


  1. Someday is very close.
  2. Lexus needs to work on the CT to compete with the new A250, Golf R and 1 series.
  3. I know People are getting tired reading this, but Lexus needs to expand there CT lineup. Why no sedan for many markets? 2nd Hybrid-powertrain? And yes - of course - i would welcome a FRS based Lexus sports car either.....
  4. Lexus needs to get a CT in sedan shape but it should be very different from the hatch one cuz the CT has a beautiful design but it doesn't work with a sedan shape cuz it looks too massive in the sideview, let's say fat (i still love it actually). My idea is something like a CT coupe-sedan 4 door.
    • PG

      I agree. A four-door coupe like the CLA would be very welcome as an emotionally appealing, but still affordable entry point into the brand. And judging by the resounding success of the CLA, the market agrees with with the notion of a C-segment four-door coupe.
  5. Totally agree with you for an entry level hybrid coupe based on the FR-S/86/BRZ
  6. Let just focus on the coming CR coupe were lexus needs to ensure the underpin/suspesion is equaly to that of either the LFA or GT86
  7. Why is Lexus so slow to respond!!!? Look at Hyundai, they do so much stuff in so little time!
  8. for those of you looking for a sedan version of the CT...there is the HS, which didn't do so well in the US.
  9. bob

  10. did the Chinese restaurant down the street burn your fried rice again?