Lexus Sets Middle East Sales Record in 2012

Lexus LX in the Middle East

Lexus saw a record sales increase in the Middle East for 2012 with 31,288 units sold — a jump of more than 50% over 2011.

With the sales bump, Lexus captured 36% total marketshare of the luxury market in the Middle East. The LX 570 was the brand’s best selling model in the region, where it commands 47% of the full-size luxury SUV market.

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  1. MT

    Ever been to the middle east? I remember talking to some guy taking tourists on a dune bashing trip in a landcruiser. I asked him: How long can the landcruiser endure this? He said he doesn't konw. I said why? --> After three years there is the faclift or new model and he always buys the new one before the old one is worn out. Then I asked him: Why are there only landcruisers and LXs in the desert? He said that there is no choice as no other car can take the heat and the tortures that the landcruiser can. Thats why LX has such a market share. It is the sturdiest of them all. King of the hill. No one can kill that car.
    • Actually, to be fair, you will find a few Nissan Patrols. You may also find a few Jeeps/American cars here and there but they're definitely not in their comfort zone. :) The GCC countries are hot and not all cars survive the heat the way Japanese cars do. They eat the heat for breakfast all day everyday. They're reliable. That's what makes them successful. All they need is to continue on this reliability and make beautiful cars. They recently figured this out, I just hope they don't drop the ball. BTW, Mercedes is now trying to convince people that the GL is better than the LX in the desert ... let's see how that works out for them :)
  2. THIS IS WHY I LOVE THE MIDDLE EAST! They WANT and NEED the LX! The LX shall live on! :D
  3. Long Live the LC/LX----many SUV products that wish they could hold a candle to these Beast-like Luxury hauler machines.....can anyone say Land Rover ?
  4. Yay.. I know this article is correct for the following reasons: Here in the UAE, I have seen more 2013 LX's than you can count, The 2013 ES's are everywhere from limos to company cars and I've seen my fair share of 2013 GS's. Can't wait for the 2014 IS. Lexus is doing a great job, they just need to penetrate the market more. They need to book the Yas Marina circuit and go crazy. Seriously. They did it for the GT86 and I believe it was a hit. I couldn't go 'cause I was going on vacation. :( Here was my comment from a while back where I said the exact same thing.
  5. I was SURE that Lexus LX is the MOST selling car in the Middle East I personally own a (2010 Lexus LX570) and the (2013 Land Cruiser VX.R+ 5.7) they are BOTH are beautiful but still (Lexus LX570) is the BEAST!!. And NOW every house in my area they owns a (Lexus LX570) it's like you SHOULD own one. My point is EVERY HOUSE in my area they OWNS a Lexus LX570 with the MODELS start from (2008 to 2013).
  6. LX570 is a nice beast That's a proper SUV, unlike the girly princess RX