Photo: All Three Lexus IS Generations Together

The Lexus Netherland Facebook page posted this photo of all three IS generations together (click for a larger image):

All three Lexus IS Generations together

Certainly an interesting perspective — there are key similarities between all three models, but each one has its own distinct personality. Very cool photo.

[Source: Lexus Netherland Facebook]


  1. Simply beautiful!!!
  2. I like the new one, but the current one's style is a tough act to follow. They nailed it with the 2007-2013 BD
    • Agree, Gen 2 looks as nice and modern as Gen 3.
    • You mean 2005-2013 or 2006-2013(model years). Many of you need to remember and better recognize the astounding longevity of the 2IS (XE20), considering that it's barely ending production since commencing in August 2005. The only other notable cars in the luxury market doing that are the W221 S-Class and the XF40 LS.
    • The first model year was 2006, not 2007. Sorry. Do you need to be a tool, and go off on a tirade because I was off one year? Really? BD
    • You are supposed to be an expert, so I just expected complete accuracy from you regarding such a thing. It's simply retribution.
    • You don't have to cry..... BD
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  3. The 1st-gen to me really stood out there (along with Altezza). It would have been nice to have a little more power but it was enough and readily tunable with the 2JZ for those that wanted it. They might of been little conservative on the 2nd-gen with a more luxurious body. The 3rd-generation really embodies the sport spirit of the 1st-gen with the out-there styling. I like the strong horizontal belt line that runs across the 3rd-gen, reminds me of the line that swept across the 1st-gen. And that blue on the 1st-gen looks a lot like the Ultra Blue that was just unveiled.
  4. I'm so thankful that Lexus even has the IS. They could have easily completely ignored the void they created with the ES. The two-pronged approach in the entry-level segment is a unique strategy.
  5. Ji

    The new one looks awesome.. But I'm also a very big fan of the final facelift of the 2nd gen I also like the IS250/IS350C
  6. LKS

    agreed second gen post-mmc looks the best, outside anyways
  7. The doors of the IS have no character. The Altezza doors looked like they belong to that vehicle. The ones that followed were a total let down. .
  8. The new one has got the looks but hasn't got the interior quality. Someone please call 911 and wake them up before going into production. It's a lexus not a toyota. As some of you already said, they've raised the bar with the current model and now they're not even keeping to it. The cars exhibited in Geneve have poor quality interiors and courtesy lights with regular bulbs.
    • Having seen and driven the car, the interior is excellent -- another thing, every IS we've seen so far is a pre-production prototype with placeholder materials, so I would wait to see at the dealership before making a judgment like this.
    • I so hope you're right. I am an IS owner and I couldn't wait for the new one to come in order to make the change. Now that I've seen it in flash and blood I have serious second thoughts. I wanted to see an evolution of the cabin in line with Lexus' pursuit of perfection. Or at least keeping the same level of the interior which is great. All the presentations so far have created high expectations and I was sure that I'll put my money on it. And if the cars they exhibited at the Geneve Autoshow are not as the production ones, in terms of quality finishings, then it's even a bigger issue. Given all the videos with the chief engineer and the designers that claim a better car, you don't expect nothing but the best. Maybe a disclaimer was necessary at the stand. Or a whisper from the Lexus representatives assisting prospects. Hope I am mistaking and hope I will see my future car at the dealership. I didn't drive the car so I'll give you that.
    • Sorry -- let me explain what I mean a little better. The interior & exterior are both finalized, but the materials used in the prototypes are not. I'm surprised there weren't stickers on the models that said they were pre-production prototypes. As for the interior quality -- I think the new IS interior is heads above the current model. I can't say much until March 25th when the embargo lifts, but check back to read my review and I'll do my best to change your mind.
  9. Had the first gen, currently driving the second, definitely getting the third!
  10. It's amazing how the first generation IS, which was designed in 1996(design process began back in late 1994-early 1995) stands alongside it's successor designed in 2003, and the new 2014 IS' striking design frozen in time back in late 2010-early 2011, looking timeless as ever. Each generation from the front shows a clear evolution across various Lexus design eras: 2nd generation of Lexus design(1997-2005), L-Finesse generation(2005-2013), and L-Finesse Evolution (Spindle 3D: 2010s).
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