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Lexus Postpones Debut in India

2013 Lexus GS 450h

Originally scheduled for a 2013 debut, the Times of India reports that Lexus has postponed its introduction in India indefinitely.

(The cost of importing vehicles and the depreciation of the Indian rupee has been cited as the main factors behind the delay.)

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  • S
  • January 4, 2013
This is velly velly bad. 
  • C
  • January 4, 2013
It's a shame that the Indian government continues to pursue such protectionist policies. The end result for Indian consumers is to pay higher prices for lower quality products. Meanwhile, the Chinese continue to pull away in terms of economic growth. 
    • P
    • January 4, 2013
     Well, Lexus could simply import CKD kits to India like the Germans do to circumvent the heavy taxes. I think the issue here is more with Lexus stubbornly refusing to produce outside of Japan than with the Indian government. This way Lexus loses out on what will one day be one of the largest markets. And when Lexus finally is ready to enter India, they will have to fight an uphill battle against established and renowned Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Having production in just one place is a risky business since it renders you dependent on various levels (e.g. strong Yen diminishes Lexus margins whereas the Germans announce one profitability record after the other, natural disasters wipe away Lexus production whereas the Germans can simply source cars from other plants,...)
    • F
    • January 6, 2013
    I want quality, We want quality. Production in Japan ensures quality. When someone decides to buy a Lexus, they don't care about how much profits Lexus are making. But by choosing a Lexus they are looking for unsurpassed and unprecedented quality. Germans are greedy, for the German brands, profits are above customers and quality. India is a place where hundred of millions of children are homeless.. India won't be an important market. China meanwhile is an important market where Lexus needs to thrive.