Milestone: 500,000 Lexus Hybrids Sold Worldwide

Lexus Hybrid Logo

Just over 500,000 Lexus hybrids have been sold worldwide since the introduction of the RX 400h in 2005, Lexus announced today:

Since the launch of the first Lexus hybrid model in 2005 until the end of November 2012, Lexus has sold globally over 506,000 vehicles equipped with Lexus Hybrid Drive. Sales have steadily grown over the years, supported by line-up expansion and positive market response, going from 26,000 units in 2005 to already 113,000 this year (Jan-Nov 2012; +21% vs. Jan-Nov 2011). Today, hybrid vehicles represent about 25% of total Lexus sales.

Europe is a strong market for Lexus hybrid vehicles with 126,000 units sold so far, which is about 25% of Lexus global hybrid sales. In Western Europe, hybrid vehicles already account for more than 85% of sales.

Here’s a breakdown of the model-by-model worldwide sales:

Model Introduced Units Sold
RX Hybrid 2005 259,000
GS Hybrid 2006 32,000
LS Hybrid 2007 29,000
HS Hybrid 2009 56,000
CT Hybrid 2011 120,000
ES Hybrid 2012 8,000

This totals 506,000 units overall, a significant milestone for Lexus Hybrid Drive and a great way for the brand to end the year.

[Source: Lexus Europe]