2013 Lexus CT 200h Price Increase in USA

Lexus CT 200h 2013 Price Revision

The 2013 Lexus CT 200h will have a starting price of $32,050 in the USA, representing a $2,930 increase over last year’s base CT 200h.

(It doesn’t look like any standard features have been added — according to Lexus spokesperson, there are “only minimal changes” to the model.)

Update: The price increase has been explained — sunroof and heated seats are now standard in the 2013 CT 200h.

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  1. Pretty stiff. It is not wise to do these things without upgrading the vehicle. And the CT needs the Camry's Hybrid engine and/or a gas engine in the 170-200 HP range. BD
  2. It does at least appear as though the moonroof is now standard according to Lexus' website. In 2011 you had to step up to the CT "Premium" to get the moonroof which was roughly a $2,000 price increase over the base CT - I believe 2012 was the same way. It looks like the "Premium" CT is no longer offered... http://www.lexus.com/models/CTh/features/pricing.html
    • What were the other Premium CT features? There is a Premium package with the ten speaker audio system.
    • The 2011 CT 200h Premium included the moonroof and heated seats. Moonroof and heated seats were not even an option on the base '11 CT 200h.  It appears as though now the moonroof is standard (and hence Lexus has done away with the "Premium").  Additionally, it seems now to get heated seats, you either have to get A) Leather Package ($1,330)B) Seat Comfort Package ($600) which includes heated seats and 4-way power passenger seat.
    • There was no mention of Premium CT in the 2013 CT press release: http://pressroom.lexus.com/releases/2013+lexus+ct+200h+hybrid+efficient+aug12.htm
  3. $32K for a CT? HA HA HA.....I'd rather get a BRZ and pocket the $5K.
  4. What is Lexus' thinking here? The yen exchange is near its weakest point for two years so its hardly that. With the recent comments that there are no new engines due and now this 10% price increase, it makes you wonder about the long term commitment to the model. Are they regretting introducing the model now and slowly looking to bury it like the HS? 
  5. An update: The price increase has been explained — sunroof and heated seats are now standard in the 2013 CT 200h.
    • Heated seats are now an option and either part of the Seat Comfort Package or the Leather package. The moonroof is standard though. Sorry for the delay in replying up top.
  6. Jim

    Auto Power Folding Mirrors ?  Lexus in Australia has had power folding mirrors since 2003!
  7. So there was no increase. Just dropped the base base model