Video of the Next-Generation Lexus IS Sound Generator

Lexus IS Sound Generator

In the preview of the next-generation Lexus IS, the presenter shows off the sedan’s user-adjustable sound generator (around 3:06) — it makes the IS sound like a slightly muted IS F.

(Video also has a funny ending that answers the question everyone’s asking.)

Watch the IS Prototype Video


  1. So it's just like the GS F-Sport ? But this one can manually trigger ?
  2. i have no idea what he's saying :p 
  3. This is only a feature on the hybrid, isnt it? Makes sense, since it just a four-cyl. engine.
  4. It's me of the front bumper looks like F-Sport front bumper of new Lexus GS ? Not the grille , but the other vents & stuff ... also , the Hybrid is 4-banger , what they did to made a 4-banger sounds so awesome ? Fake sound generator ? Or mechanical trick like intake manifold & exhaust ?
  5. Dialing in more engine noise with a dash rocker? I think that is so cool! And there's a power rear sunshade switch..... BD
  6. Yes! Manual control! And it's still real, unlike... ahem* the M5.
  7. come on now sound generator why can't they just tune there exhaust and make it sound natural and awesome
  8. I enjoyed the video, although I didn't understand a word :) But the very end was the best - made me laugh out loud :)
  9. What? You mean no one is suggesting we clip baseball cards into the wheel spokes.  Or maybe we should teach the driver how to improve on his "vroom, vroom" sounds.
  10. He also mentions that the sound generator actually simulates the gearshifts. 
  11. Childish, classless stuff.