Lexus November 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 22,719 for November 2012, a 16.8% improvement over last year — here the model-by-model breakdown:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,264 1,759 -28.1 16,075 12,122 32.1
HS 3 207 -98.6 647 2,590 -75.1
IS 1,988 2,676 -25.7 25,211 26,040 -3.5
ES 6,066 4,731 28.2 48,171 35,991 33.4
GS 1,826 206 786.4 19,364 3,552 443.2
LS 1,309 954 37.2 7,059 8,512 -17.4
SC 0 0 N/A 2 18 -88.9
LFA 4 4 0 40 52 -23.4
Total Cars 12,460 10,537 18.2 116,569 88,877 30.7
RX 8,871 7,580 17.0 82,847 71,087 16.1
GX 1,003 1,076 -6.8 9,632 10,390 -7.6
LX 385 265 45.3 4,511 2,843 58.1
Total Trucks 10,259 8,921 15.0 96,990 84,320 14.6
Total Sales 22,719 19,458 16.8 213,559 173,197 22.9

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. November 2012 had 25 selling days, November 2011 had 25 selling days.

With an early start to the December to Remember sales event and an influx of customers replacing vehicles damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Lexus USA had its best November in five years.

RX sales have rebounded nicely with a 17% sales increase after a lackluster October, and the new ES & GS both showed impressive numbers (28.2% and 786.4%, respectively). The 2013 LS also started arriving at dealerships, and managed to post a decent increase with limited availability.

Going over the full lineup, every model looks to be performing as expected — even the CT with its 28% drop in November should finish the year with a 25%+ sales increase compared to 2011.

[Source: Lexus USA]


Lexus Canada set a new sales record for November with 1,286 units sold, a 11.2% increase over 2011. The GS 350 also set a November record, with sales up 814.3%. The 2013 ES 350 continues to perform well, selling 77.4% compared to last year.

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  1. The SC at 0 0 0 
  2. 1.309 LS!? JUST GREAT! THE 2013 LS ROCKS!
  3. who would buy an HS?  lol 
  4. 1.  The GS finally outsold the A6, after 3-4 months behind it.  Outselling it YTD too.  But E-Class is now up to 8k+ and 5-series almost 6k.  The Germans throw more cash on that hood, but the market wants those two sedans over the GS 2.  The 2013 LS wasn't out for the full month, but about half of it.  December should be it's first full month on the market.  It sold about the same number as the S-Class.  cars like the A8 only sold 500 for November. 3.  The RX will pass 90k for the year.  Again. 4.  Looks like 240k+ for the year is where Lexus is headed.  I would expect at least a 10-15% increase for 2013, with a full ES year, and the all-new IS coming by Spring. BD
    • Yeah I agree.. The 5 series & E-class are incentive queens. They sell at considerable discount compared to Lexus GS.. 2013 should be a good year for Lexus. They just need the new IS sedan to roll out. But the BMW will continue to provide further discounts. It's the reason why the German brands are outselling Lexua strongly.. All thanks to discounts..
    • The A8 maybe is the less selling luxury sedan worldwide, it doesn't selling well neither in China where VW buyers prefer the Phaeton (what a shitty car though). Even in Europe the A8 has always been outsold by the 7er and the S-Class (with the current A8 the situation is even worst cuz has been considered too dull and bland compared to the previously A8) and at least that's a good thing although compared to the S-Class i prefer the A8 but i've always had a strong antipathies for audi (at least since the last 15 years)
  5. All models are over 1K mark (excluding the discontinued models), it would be nice to see the LX get there also.
  6. Maybe the CT,wich is the most sexy hatchback ever made imho, needs to get a non-hybrid version, somethin like a 2 liter turbo at least, in Eu it seelling well cuz hybrid cars numbers are getting better year by year but maybe americans are not so interested in hybrid, see what happen with the ES: The larger part of ES sold are non hybrid and this is what happen also with RX and LS. To me hybrid is better especially in Europe, for example, lots of taxy drivers in Roma loves to buy Prius, Auris HSD (the european Corolla) and lately they looks very interested in the new Prius V, but maybe in the U.S the situation is different cuz the gas price is very low compared to some euro country,for example in Italy, it is about 9,50-10$ for gallon (!).
  7. Now about that 27,500 GS Sales, Production LF-LC challenge...