Lexus GS NightView Video Demonstration

Lexus GS NightView System

Before returning the Lexus GS 350 AWD I’ve been driving to Lexus Canada, I put together a short video demonstration of the NightView system.

(Final thoughts: Works well in cities with highlighting pedestrians, not as useful in dark rural areas.)

Watch the Lexus GS NightView Demonstration


  1. Uhhhh......why can't they get a color image?  It's 2013! BD
  2. Nice to have your opinion about this feature Kevin!Thank You for your input!I too agree that it's kind of distracting to be looking through a windshield & at a video monitor at the same time & can't see it improving reaction times that much as a result.Kind of liked the Night Vision of the 2nd Gen. LX on the windshield screen my self.
  3. Now all they need to add is a thermal system :P