2013 Lexus LS Arriving at U.S. Dealerships

2013 Lexus LS 460

Weeks ahead of its expected November debut, the 2013 Lexus LS has started arriving at dealerships in the USA.

(Lexus has also updated the LS section of their website, with full details on the LS 460, LS 460 F SPORT & LS 600hL.)

Visit the Lexus USA LS Website (Thanks Grant!)


  1. The AWD system weighs well over 400 lbs! BD
  2. Hmmm this should become #1 seller in its segment. It's not uncommon for the LS to be #1 in its segment in U.S market
    • The other Lexus models that have been redesigned, or gotten a facelift like this, have seen a nice spike in sales. But prices here are up dramatically...... BD
    • Yeah the LS and the IS are weak spots right now on the Lexus range.. If this new LS can average 1000/Month it should be good
  3. And the LS 350 and LS 300h! hehe JUST KIDDING, Krew!
  4. i wonder which dealership 1st receives it. 
  5. I wish Lexus would standardise their website.  As it stands, they have 4 different layouts/themes employed for different models.
  6. Well, forget trying to "build" your Lexus on the website!  No matter what interior color you choose, if you then opt for a "package", it requires you to either delete the package or accept only the black/tan interior.  Plus, there are many of the options both individual or in packages that are not yet available.  What in the world is taking so long?  Plus, with the new pricing, the LS is anywhere from $5000 to $10000 more than a comparably equipped A8.  Audi dealers routinely discount at least 5% off sticker up front plus there is a $3000 bonus for Lexus owners!  This is going to be a tough sell and Lexus is just dragging it out.