Lexus LF-CC Live Coverage

Let’s take an Internet tour of Lexus LF-CC live coverage from the Paris Motor Show, starting with Lexus Europe’s photo gallery from the press conference:

(The two men unveiling the LF-CC are Kiyotaka Ise, President of Lexus International, and Mr Yo Hiruta, General Manager of Lexus Design.)

Autoguide’s Colum Wood is looking stylish as he gives this video overview of the concept:

Auto Evolution posted this high-resolution image of the LF-CC’s stunning wheel design (click for a larger image):

Lexus LF-CC Wheel

GTspirit has a great photo gallery, with some detailed images of the exterior:

Lexus LF-CC Headlight Detail

Lexus LF-CC Grille Detail

InAutoNews has some nice photos of the LF-CC interior:

Lexus LF-CC Interior

Lexus LF-CC Interior Gauge

Italian website OmniAuto has the most thorough photo gallery I’ve seen, with over fifty images of the LF-CC:

Lexus LF-CC Sideways

Lexus LF-CC Interior Italy YEAH

(Things are starting to slow down in Paris, but I’ll be sure to update this post if I come across any other noteworthy coverage.)

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  • T
  • September 27, 2012
This is going to look so nice as a SportCross version ;) Cant wait!!!
  • B
  • September 27, 2012
Some of those crowd shots would make bad-ass wallpapers! BD
    • K
    • September 28, 2012
    Agreed -- let me see if I can get the original images and I'll post them up.
Does this Concept Coupe foreshadow the next generation IS Coupe??? We shall see what the future brings...!!! So far I like the use of the IS-F Front and Rear Brembo Brake Calipers & Rotors... ;) ~ Joe Z
    No better place to find some braking power to show off!
    • K
    • September 28, 2012
    JUST finished writing about this:
  • F
  • September 29, 2012
It looks awesome. Can't wait till the production IS Lexus is revealed.