Lexus Summer Trip: A Visit to Lexus Laval in Quebec

Lexus Laval Visit

While driving through Quebec on my GS summer road trip, I stopped at Lexus Laval in Laval, a city just north of Montreal.

It was a beautiful morning, and after my tour of the dealership with sales manager Gerry Cicciu, I snapped a couple photos of the showroom:

One thing that really stood out was the vehicle arrangement — even with so many models on the showroom floor, it felt airy and spacious. Noticing such a thing is probably a sign that I’ve visited too many Lexus dealerships, but I was impressed nonetheless.

There was also an unexpected surprise, as LFA #343 was sitting in the vehicle delivery area.

Lexus LFA #343

Purchased by the dealership’s president, Christian Dagenais, this Starlight Black LFA comes very close to my ideal configuration, and I was thrilled to see it in person — too bad it was so difficult capturing the true color.

Without fail, I’m always impressed by the sincere friendliness of Lexus dealership employees — it was a pleasure to spend the morning with the folks at Lexus Laval, and I have to extend my thanks to Christian Dagenais & Gerry Cicciu for taking the time to meet with me.

As a bonus, Gerry sent over this video showing LFA #343 being delivered to the dealership:


  1. This dealer reminds me of a few British dealers that opened when Lexus was introduced to the world!
    • I love the architectural design of the Lexus dealerships in the UK. Most of ours pale so much in comparison to them. I remember one I had seen about 10 years ago in Vienna, Austria and as someone who loves architecture, I was extremely obsessed with it for a while.
  2. Nice video Bad "Music" BD
  3. you should also visit Halifax Oregans Lexus..tell them my name.hehe
  4. I feel like I'm in a candy store.After the LFA,I'll take the blue RX F-Sport please!(I knew it was an F-Sport,because only the F-Sport version comes in that color.I'd like to see it in Ultrasonic Blue Pearl also!)
  5. Lucky guy. I am from Montreal and I have yet to see one LFA on the road :(
  6. The best car...I Love Lexus LFA