Lexus General Manager Mark Templin Discusses Future Models

Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus general manager Mark Templin recently spoke with Paul Eisenstein of The Detroit Bureau about the future plans of the brand:

The most likely addition to the Lexus line-up, Templin hinted, would be a compact crossover smaller than the current RX line, one that could directly target competitors like the Mercedes-Benz GLK, BMW X3 and Audi Q5. But Lexus is in no rush, the executive cautioned, since the RX remains the best-selling luxury CUV by appealing to a broad range of crossover buyers.

Not to read too much into this, but it’s unlikely that Mr. Templin would bring up the possibility of a compact crossover accidentally — in fact, it brings to mind last month’s Australian announcement that a Lexus mystery model would debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

The discussion then turned to the LF-LC:

“The [LF-LC concept] we showed in Detroit this year was a smash hit,” Templin asserted, “and everyone is asking us to build that car without change.”

But he cautioned that if Lexus does bring the [LF-LC] to market it could take as much as four years to complete its engineering. Templin acknowledged that might seem to run counter to Toyota’s past approach to product development – which emphasized speed to market – but added that Toyota “has started to build cars more slowly again.”

Such a large gap between concept & production model is something we’ve seen before — it was five years between the first LFA concept and the 2009 debut at the Tokyo Motor Show. This suggests that the LF-LC may be much more than a SC replacement — we may be looking at the next-generation Lexus supercar.

Last thing — here’s a final quote from Mark Templin about the real hurdle in introducing a new model:

The biggest challenge, he laughed, is that, “We’re running out of the alphabet,” as makers not only add more models but shift to alphanumeric naming policies.

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  1. "Templin insisted it still makes sense to market a big car like the LS, though he acknowledged, “In the future, I think we’ll see multiple flagships in our line-up and (from) other manufacturers.” That, he hinted, could include a supercar like the (LF-LC Concept) — reportedly a personal favorite of Toyota Motor Co. President Akio Toyoda." Sounds like they have BIG plans for the LF-LC.  Not a simple engine swap and launch.... BD
  2. From a business POV I think turning the LF-LC Concept into the next supercar would be a silly move. That car has created such a stir and so much interest, if they position it right they could make it a massive sales hit. That positioning is most likely around the £50-75k mark not a £350k supercar.
    • Coupes only sell so much anyway.  A 6-series coupe may sell 5k for the year.   This would never be a volume car, so you might as well leverage it's appeal to the hilt, and maximize your return, and publicity BD
  3. I think the styling would transfer beautifully to a Gran Coupe style sedan, too. BD
  4. Message to Lexus: please just SPEED IT UP! Five years to market is a ridiculous wait. We'll all have moved on by then. Sometimes I wonder if you have the real desire to succeed.