Crystal Gold Lexus LFA in Bahrain

The first known Crystal Gold Lexus LFA has been delivered to a customer in Bahrain:

Crystal Gold Lexus LFA Front

Crystal Gold Lexus LFA Rear

Gold is a complex color for a car exterior, and I’m usually disappointed by a lack of depth — however, the reflections in the second photo suggests the LFA color wizards have mixed up something special.

Making the car even more unique is the Violet interior:

Crystal Gold Interior Violet Interior

What a color combination.

[Source: EKanooRacing Instagram via Club Lexus]


  1. Now this really is one-of-kind !
  2. yeah.... as my mommy told me when I was a kid, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all :D Definitely not my cup of tea
  3. no accounting for bad taste I'm afraid!! - I agree - better to say nothing when nothing nice to say .... but, I couldn't resist - if you are gonna spend $500,000 or so - come on - think of something tasteful on the colour front!!! As they say though: money can't but taste!! However, everyone to their own!! ;)
  4. I agree - but hey - if you've got that much money to spend - I don't think you are gonna care what us immortals on this forum are going to think!! However - why not a dark sapphire metallic blue with a dark tanned interior?? Right - I am off to earn 500,000 from somewhere....!!!
  5. Crystal Gold is not bad at all. Interior is something I would not pick but if they are happy with it, good for them. 
  6. Color of royalty, eh?
  7. When pimp is not pimp enough...... BD
  8. Can I comment on the exterior only?If it had some raw CF or flat black as well as the Crystal Gold for a two tone effect,it would look like a Top Secret LFA.Supprised we didn't see somthing like this from Smokey!
  9. If I were one of the lucky 500 LFA owners,I'd want to take a walk on the wild side with the colour selections. Gold and purple? Yes,please!
  10. Wow.... I bet it looks even more stunning in person.  Just wished someone here in North America ordered one.
  11. wow... cool! Thanks! Good job.