Unleash the Lexus LFA

Lexus USA has something special planned with the LFA for August 1st — here’s a brief teaser:

Anyone want to guess what this might be? Here’s the only clue:

Unleash the LFA. Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity coming August 1.


  1. "Taste of Lexus" driving event tour? BD
  2. They'll let us win an LFA and second place will get a brand spanking new ISF! Or what BlackDynamiteNY said^^^
  3. The all-new Lexus LF-C Concept automobile?
  4. They'll give away the last LFA.
  5. WWWAAAYYY too much of a tease. There is a driving event coming up Aug 23rd...
  6. I have taken still photos from the video of what can be seen. Looks first shot is a cameraman sitting inside the new GS/ES due to the exterior mirror used which is similar to new Lexus/Toyota's (GS, ES, CT, Prius C). The LFA passes in left hand lane and is being led by another vehicle in black. Any guesses as to what that vehicle is. Camera car? IS-F? GS F-Sport?
  7. Top speed run on the salt plains, or win the final LFA
  8. Whatever it is, we can be certain it will tie into the Golden Opportunity Sales Event they're promoting right now.