Black Amethyst Lexus LFA Arrives in USA

Lexus LFA Black Amethyst

The first and only Black Amethyst Lexus LFA has arrived in the USA, and photos of the purple supercar have been posted on Facebook & Club Lexus.

(This LFA is number #366, and has a black interior with white contrast stitching.)

See Photos on Facebook & Club Lexus


  1. Finally an LFA with my favourite colour.. The all black interior it's not the most exiting one for sure, but it's Ok
  2. Welcome to Epic! Enjoy your stay..... BD
  3. How did only 1 person order this colour?
  4. Oh good LORD!  Thankfully Lexus only has to endure the embarrassment of one of these.  Why anyone would want their $400,000 car to remind people of 1960s-era dune buggies in purple metalflake totally escapes me.  Well further proof—if any was necessary—that large piles of money do NOT buy good taste.