A Visit to Lexus Downtown in Toronto

Lexus Downtown Lead Image

Three months ago, I attended the grand opening of the Lexus Downtown dealership in Toronto and was very impressed by the facilities — so much so, that I decided to set up a visit for a photo shoot with the long-term GS 350.

Spanning over 108,000 square feet and six floors, the dealership boasts a number of nice features — let’s start take a little photo tour, starting with the showroom.

Lexus Downtown Showroom

Lexus Downtown Showroom

There’s also a vehicle delivery area on the third floor, where new Lexus owners are brought for a tour of their new vehicle:

Lexus Downtown Delivery Area Outside

I had requested use of the delivery area for the GS photo shoot, so all the vehicles were moved to one end of the room:

Lexus Downtown Delivery Area Inside

Another stand-out feature of the dealership is the large customer lounge, also on the third floor:

Lexus Downtown Lounge

Lexus Downtown Lounge

Had to take a close-up photo of the bar lights:

Lexus Downtown Lounge Lights

The lounge not only gives Lexus Downtown a spot to entertain guests waiting for service, but also the opportunity to host community events (the dealership is involved with Toronto General Hospital and is a big supporter of the Toronto arts).

As expected with a Lexus dealership, the service area is spotless — located on the second floor, all fourteen service bays are super-clean and well-appointed:

Lexus Downtown Service Bays

Because space is at a premium in downtown Toronto, the pre-owned vehicles are located in the basement:

Lexus Downtown Pre-Owned

Definitely a great looking dealership, but it’s the people that made my visit special — thank you to everyone at Lexus Downtown for their hospitality, especially the dealership principal Shahin Alizadeh and the general manager James Coats.

Check back tomorrow for my GS photo shoot — all non-watermarked photos in this story were supplied by Lexus Downtown.


  1. All Lexus dealerships should be so spacious and well-designed...... BD
  2. That's nice.. In USA the Lexus dealers are so small, but there's many of them.. All auto dealers in USA ate small compared to other countries
  3. the customer lounge is def special...i like 
  4. WOW! Looks better than all of the three dealerships in my region.
  5. Very nice! Though, if you google street view the address 740 Dundas St E you'll see what it was before and it's not a new building.  They just remodeled the ex-Volvo dealership.  In Richmond, BC they tore down TWO old dealerships and built a new mega building from the ground up.
  6. It reminds me of an upscale department store, like Bloomingdale's or Saks Fifth Avenue. The structure and design seems like a very inspirational piece of architecture.