Two RX F Sport Commercials from Lexus Canada

Continuing our week of new commercials, here are two RX F Sport spots from Lexus Canada:

Great to see so much promotion of the new RX F Sport — here’s the USA & UK commercials just in case you haven’t seen them yet.

(I had a run with the F Sport SUV in Oregon at the 2013 ES media preview, and was very impressed by the changes — my photos and some brief impressions will be featured in an upcoming Lexus Magazine story.)


  1. These are great commercials. I just wish they would promote the LX some like they have with the GS and RX. I know it only got an update but people who aren't big car enthusiast won't know about the new LX because they aren't like us on websites, watching press releases, and reading things. 
  2. I saw the UK RX450h F-Sport last weekend in the flesh and the body kit really suits the car.  It butches it up no end.  UK car has the LED lights too.  This could be by next Lexus. 
  3. does the rx fsport have the louder intake like the gs fsport?
  4. I think the RX looks too feminine. Not an insult, its just that I prefer the GX or LX.
  5. Today I really saw RX F Sport