2013 Lexus ES Canadian Option Packages

2013 Lexus ES 350 Cover

Lexus Canada has released details on the option packages that will be offered with the new 2013 Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h.

Like the USA, the ES is expected at Canadian dealerships in August — pricing has yet to be announced.

Read the full details on the Canadian ES


  1. The HID headlamps will only be included with the purchase of Navigation package?? What if I don't want the navigation...? Please someone answers me..
    • They should have at least included parking sensors in the nav package.  Having to pay for the most expensive package just to get integrated parking sensors in this day and age is pretty outrageous.  
    • HUH

      wait until you go look at bmw or mercedes then you'll find lexus options a bargain. I went to BMW the other day to look at the new 3 series and I can't believe they charge 500 extra for a damn paint job. And there are no standard stuff on the car, it comes bare bones and adding on options would almost run up to 10k for the entry level car...
  2. 111

    but the HID headlamps should come as standard, not as an option
  3. MT

    Welcome to the world of Toyota. Ridiculous option packages are normal. Here in Austria f.e. the CT with PCS comes only with leather seats. What has the seating got to do with radar cruise? Nothing. But you can have the humidity control sensor in the A/C only with the base trim. What the hell? If you look to other models or over to Toyota I could go on like that all day. Like in my car you can have HIDs with all seat-trims. But not in the hybrid version. There you need leather seating if you want HID lamps. Or if you want nav you got to take the auto dimming mirror. Bla, bla.  While options may be more expensive at Audi or BMW, there you can configure all that stuff like you want it more or less.
  4. Who would buy this car without the HID lamps? At the end of day, it's all those ambient lights and all make the car beautiful, no? This is kinda ripoff.
  5. Lexus' reserving important safety advances, as cross-traffic alert and sensors which everyone should have only for buyers who take every possible purely luxury option is shameful. It is also uncompetitive.  Rear traffic alert, for example, will be available on the Nissan Altima for $20,000 or so less.Even more insulting to Canadians is the fact that it and other saftey features are stand-alone options in the US on the ES and available on even the base car.Add all this to the likely continuation of the general 15% price premium charged to Canadians (including the more than double the US  freight charge--doesn't everyone's ES come from the same place, Japan?), and the elimination of such standard equipment as leather and wood, and who knows what else, and one is left speechless at the Toyota's greed.
  6. I was on the Canadian Lexus website configuring the new 2013 ES.  I can't see anywhere where it includes the Lane Keep Assist as mentioned in the press release.  Am I blind or is it really not there? End of the day, I am buying my Lexus in the US even though I live in Toronto.  I am able to build the car with the exact options I want for cheaper (and with more options unavailable here).  It's unfortunate but a fact.
  7. Handy you can't buy a new es350 in the us and bring it back