Photo: Matte Grey Lexus IS from Germany

Huge fan of this matte grey Lexus IS that Vossen posted to Instagram:

Matte Grey Lexus IS with Camouflage Roof

I understand that the owner lives in Germany, in which case — absolut erstaunlich, gut gemacht!

[Source: Vossen Instagram]

Update: Turns out there’s a full photo gallery of this IS over on the Vossen website.


  1. Nice car but I'm getting tired of Vossens on everything!
  2. What's up with the camo? lol
  3. probably one of the ugliest IS I have seen... 100% from da hood
  4. Ugly paint, ugly wheels and ugly "drop"! It came from the factory a classy car, now it has turned into a clown-mobile. Not good!
  5. MT Next LS will get PCS that detects pedestrians AND brakes the car to a complette stop before impact with the pedestrian. Works up to 40 kph.