Lexus RX 350 F Sport Gets Eight-Speed Transmission

Lexus RX F Sport

According to a Lexus Canada press release, the 2013 Lexus RX 350 F Sport will be getting an eight-speed transmission:

The 8-speed automatic transmission of the RX 350 F SPORT version is now equipped with a steering wheel-mounted paddle shift control. The paddle switches can be used even with the gear selector in D range, allowing the driver to quickly change to fixed range mode without the need to engage S range via the gear lever.

As one of the rumors floating around in the weeks before the RX F Sport’s official debut, this upgraded transmission was never mentioned in any of the Geneva Motor Show press materials — in fact, the Lexus Europe press release states that the RX 350 F Sport would have the standard six-speed transmission:

The 6-speed automatic transmission of the RX 350 F SPORT versions is now equipped with a steering wheel-mounted paddle shift control.

As for the USA, the eight-speed transmission was confirmed today during Lexus USA’s monthly sales conference call — quoting Lexus General Manager Mark Templin:

Equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and a specially tuned F Sport suspension, the RX F Sport will add a little more EDGE to the RX lineup.

I’ll see what details I can get during this week at the New York Auto Show, but I’m happy to see the RX F Sport getting such a major mechanical upgrade.

[Source: Lexus Canada & Lexus USA]


  1. If the RX gets the 8 speed, it should be the same order code from the IS F, so it will be dual-clutch?  My guess is that this will up the price quite a bit, but what a great upgrade if this is true!
  2. Very very nifty!. 
  3. Whoa! ahahha WHOA!
  4. So the RX needs it because it is a tall and slightly heavy vehicle. And the GS...
  5. WATCH THE NEW 2013 ES IN  MOTION.. [+]
  6. Do we know if its AWD yet?
  7. I thought the US wasn't getting the F Sport... I'm so confused.  Will it be available on the AWD hybrid??? 
  8. Wait ... so does that meant ES could get 8AT too ?!
  9. I am 67 and living in a retirement community  with lots of Lexus vehicles.  Probably half of them are RX.  So now Lexus takes what is the best looking SUV and puts a star wars grille on it with paddle shifters, and a firmer suspension. So how many of use are going to jump on this.......where you going Lexus?
    • ... Lexus is going to be the BEST luxury seller in the USA and that is where Lexus is going.  I am in the mid 30's and I love these changes.  You don't HAVE TO get the F-SPORT if you don't want to because these are also the "normal" versions.  More choices mean more selections for customers.  It is the Win-Win situation for us all.
    • seems to be a tad ridiculous to have a mid size SUV sport version from an auto brand known for its quiet and smooth ride. Are the moms and dads going to the race track with 2 car seats in the back and groceries in the trunk? More choice may mean more selection, but the cost of the development of the car will probably not be met with a huge amount of demand. more selection may mean more choices, but how many people are actually going to buy it?
    • The whole point is Matt, that they want to open up to a wider audience, Lexus no longer wants to be the old mans car, they can leave that to Mercedes, they want to offer more options that appeal to younger buyers. But on that I am dissapointed now, it seems the US is getting the 8 Speed but Australia and other markets are sticking with 6 Speed?
    • @70a1f12178a71765f1fc235b02af2a61:disqus Lexus US and Canada will be getting the 8-Speed automatic transmission and nowhere else... that pushes me to think they'll be built here in Cambridge Ontario. Oh and Lexus predicts 30% sale from the F-Sport package, watch out!
    • Only US and Canada are getting the 8-speed transmission? Man, that sucks, why would they do that?
    • 8-speed ONLY on the F-SPORT, not the regular RX350.  Also, it sucks that we don't get the RX450h F-Sport. Adding the F-Sport will NOT cost Lexus huge $$$$ for R & D.  Beside, I need a CUV but also want little sportiness so this is the BEST idea Lexus.
    • Point is that neither do the European RX450h F Sport and RX350 F Sport get the 8-speed transmission. Why would Lexus do that? Why? I just don't understand.