2013 Lexus RX Sport Appearance Package?

There was an interesting 2013 Lexus RX 350 on display at the Dallas Auto Show last week:

2013 Lexus RX 350 Sport Package Front

2013 Lexus RX 350 Sport Package Side

2013 Lexus RX 350 Front Close-up

The front grille has been split, with a standard model upper grille and what looks like a F Sport lower grille. It brings to mind the Sport Appearance package that was mentioned briefly in Lexus USA’s press release about the 2013 RX — here’s a quote:

A Sport Appearance Package (not available on RX 350 AWD) is new for 2013 and offers an unique front bumper, halogen headlamps and 19-inch wheels with superchrome finish.

I don’t know if these wheels would classify as “superchome”, but the rest of the description fits — this brings the total available RX grille designs to three: Standard, Sport, and F Sport.

Update: I have received confirmation that this is indeed the new RX Sports Appearance package.

(Thanks Alex!)


  1. The Lexus Canada website has the RX F-Sport listed as having an 8 speed transmission...at least it did a month ago when I looked at the press release on their website.Not directly related to this model,I know,but pretty interesting & I should have mentioned it then.I just thought there would be more on this without me mentioning of this,but there hasn't been.
    • The rest of the true competition has moved on to 7+ speed transmissions in their volume sellers.  Time for Lexus to do the same.
    • Wow, great catch! I was certain that RX F Sport would have a eight-speed transmission but there was never any confirmation during the Geneva show. You're right, it's on the Lexus Canada site and I'll be writing about it tomorrow.
    • Thanks!So sorry I didn't mention it when I caught it earlier!I was starting to believe that I had maybe just imagined this.
    • Does Lexus Canada still hold the press release? I'm curious about why the RX did get the 8-speed transmission and not the GS, which is a full restyling and suppose to new much more newer than the face lifted RX. Edition: Found it here: http://www.lexus.ca/lexus/experience/en/home/whatsnew/whatsnew_news.jsp#2013-RX-RANGE It seems that only the RX350 F Sport is getting the 8-speed transmission.
    • PG

       Great! I always found it curious that Lexus, who introduced the 8 speed tranny to the world,  wouldn't let the 8 speed tranny trickle down from the LS and IS F, especially now that basically all of the competition is using 8 (BMW, Audi) or 7 speeds (MB).
    •  Wow! will that be carrying over to US?
  2. why only available on non AWD models? Why not just offer the f sport package in AWD?  Doesn't make sense to have 3 versions... 
    • I think the New York Auto Show's Lexus press conference for the 6th-generation ES on Wednesday, April 4th at 11:20 a.m. EDT might also bring some clarity on the RX F-Sport plans for the U.S. As to the Lexus Canada site, they just opted to "cut-and-paste" the Lexus Europe press release from the Geneva Auto Show, which included the "hidden" 8-speed transaxle info.
  3. Lexus, please, stop with the chrome!  This isn't a Cadillac, or a Chrysler, or a Dodge, for that matter.
  4. WTH?  Still no Fsport for RX450h? Come on.......
    • Quite disappointing Lexus didn't want to have any F Sport for his hybrid models (RX450h, GS450h) at least in the US. 
  5.  Will the Grill + Front bumper fit the 2010-2012 models?
    • Yes it will physically fit, but that requires having to buy new headlamps, foglamps, upper and lower grille assembly. Also if the mounting brackets are different to the core support, it may not work without fabrication.
  6. Where is the lovely "F-Sport" Badge on the front fenders....??? Maybe the US spec will be badge-less....
  7. Those wheels look small and kind of boring.