Lexus LFA in Starlight Black

After sharing the Sunset Orange Lexus LFA with us last week, Flipside909 from Club Lexus shares our very first look at the LFA in Starlight Black:

Lexus LFA Starlight Black Front

Lexus LFA Starlight Black Side

Lexus LFA Starlight Black Close-up

The interior is conservative, the red stitching the only splash of color:

Lexus LFA Starlight Black Interior

Starlight Black was the color I chose when customizing my imaginary LFA, and the real thing does not disappoint — my first choice by far (second place: Brownstone).

See more photos at Club Lexus


  1. Black isn't just beautiful, it's........DYNAMITE! BD
  2. Looks cool!  I like metallic black colors.
  3. this looks like longo lexus
    • lol Didn't notice your comment here. But yeah. aha This is indeed Longo Lexus. It's currently on display and took the place of this TOM's CTh with Five Axis rims:
  4. I like this one very much!So nice to see a live shot as this is by far,of all the colors,the one that shows the most significant difference from the computer image on the LFA site to the actual live shot.
    • I'm actually tired of all the green screen pictures with the over-complicated lighting. Also, Lexus loves photoshopping cars when they receive a facelift.
  5. what's going on with the pedals? Are they white?
  6. Welcome the first Nurburgring edition production LFA in North America. What a gorgeous car!
  7. This one is at Longo Lexus right now! I knew the place looked familiar! A CTh with TOM's bodykit and Five Axis rims was parked here. lol