Lexus Magazine Revisits LFA Nürburgring Lap Record

Lexus LFA Reader BreakersLexus Magazine has revisited the LFA’s record-setting Nürburgring lap, with new insight and interviews with Chief Engineer, Tanahashi Haruhiko, development supervisor, Naoaki Ito, and test driver, Akira Iida.

(One part of the story that stood out — Iida-san set his 7m 14s lap time with the VDIM engaged!)

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  2. Awesome article. Brings back one of the most amazing moments in LFA history.   One thing interesting to note is how Iida and Tanahashi san both compare LFA's lap time to only cars that wear street tires and not cars that wear competition racing slick tires such as, ZR-1, GT2 RS and Viper ACR since they wear tires that are barely street legal. The record for cars with street tires according to the article stood at 7:20 at the time Iida ran the 7:14.
  3. Great article. I am glad Akira Iida won the argument with the chief engineer regarding setting a record lap in order to establish LFA as one of the greatest exotic supercars of all times. Certainly now, there is no doubt LFA is not only one of the most exciting exotic supercar ever made, it is one of the quickest track cars of all times. Also, bar none undisputedly the best car ever to have been built in Japan.
  4. The simple (albeit sad) fact is that computers can do better than humans these days, as also proven by the GT-R's sophisticated ATTESA-ETS system. It takes away the fun of a raw driving experience, yes, but for the purpose of minimizing lap times it's a necessary evil.
    • Like I stated on, VDIM is nothing more than just a stability control. Not more and nothing less. LFA relies on perfection in chassis, suspension, balance development to go very fast. The electronic gizmos in other cars like torque vectoring differentials, front to back torque splitting AWD or magnetic ride control are completely different beasts that compensate for the inherent deficiencies and flaws in the car.
  5. Before they ran and broke the record, I was thinking..Lexus made a more tuned LFA edition and named it I'm assuming this car must be serious because it's got the famous ring as the name and then few weeks later..BAM they broke the record, it was amazing. I woke up to a good day that morning.
  6. Yup , the only car run under 7:20 with Street Tires .
  7. On Michelin Sport Cups, like the Chevys and Porsches run, this car is well under 7:10, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS IT! BD
    • Yep. Iida and Tanahashi san are smart to only talk about the cars that were on street tires and completely ignore the GT2 RS, ZR-1 and SRT-10 as an comparison to the LFA since they comes standard with racing-spec track compound competition tires.
    • I've seen an article where Iida has said the best time for the NE LFA is 7.12 with those Bridgestone 070s with those sport cup Michelins I'd say another 5-7 seconds over thast 20.6 km lap for sure though if you mentioned that over the internet the haters would be pulling the prove it you have no proof. 
    • I read in a German magazine AutoBild with a professional Nurburgring race car driver that racing-spec compound tires typically reduce between 8 - 12 seconds on the 20.6 km depending on difference with the stock tires, But, at any rate, with the tire technology for dry grip these days, it is unbelievable how much grip cars can have now.
    • I'd be interested to see how much quicker or slower than one of these so called pro Ring drivers are vs Iida I bet there like HVS would be at least 10-15 sec.s slower per lap.They just would'nt no the car's limits like Iida.
    • HVS could not get close to Iida's lap time only and only because of Lexus. It was written in the article. He was not given ample time to prepare and do practice sessions that he typically does for every car. Lexus gave him the car for a very limited time so he could do only 2 practice laps.
  8. Toyota should just doit on sports tires. then we'll really see the haters run with tails between their legs
    • Nah mate Toyota/Lexus have nothing to prove with the LFA project I think they have proven there point with driving experience and ultimate all round abilities which is what shows up with that 7.14 sec lap.
  9. Did anyone catch this episode in this 3rd season of Top Gear USA?? Apparently, LFA was run by the Stig around the track for powerlap (El Torro track) and it clocked the 3rd quickest time faster than LP570-4 Superleggera, LP670-4 and Ferrari 458 Italia with a lap time of 1:22.6 The only episode I saw was where Tanner ran LFA around Infineon raceway and did a 1:44 in the 2nd season.
    • I no where your going with this Rolla I like your passion your going in that tyre direction again lol..Mate its proven the LFA is a better car than the ones ahead of it and tif they choose to the NE LFA would eat both those cars above it that I'm assured of though that ACR Viper did look really rapid though. 
    • Did you see that Top Gear episode where Stig ran LFA around the track??
    • No I've only seen the UK Stig do that lap not the US Stig do this one.. By the way who is the US Stig it isn't Scott Pruett by chance is it???
    • No one knows who it is. Some people say (I know sounds funny now), he is actually Paul Tracy.