CAR Magazine Reviews the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

2013 Lexus LFA Nürburgring EditionBen Barry has written a review of the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition for CAR Magazine, calling it Japan’s Bugatti Veyron and “one that I’d have happily lapped until I crashed or ran out of petrol”.

(He still finds time to pick on the transmission, though.)

Read the CAR Magazine Review (Thanks John!)


  1. Amazing review. I am getting sick of ranting of LFA for not having "automatic torque converter smooth" dual clutch transmission. Guess what? All racing cars today use single-clutch sequential transmission. No one ever uses dual clutch for racing. Even the 458 Italia challenge endurance racing car ditches the dual clutch transmission in favor of a 6 speed sequential single clutch. Lexus has time and again explained why they picked the single-clutch automated manual because it is 120 lbs lighter, has the ability to handle much higher revs (LFA revs up to 9500 rpm) and also is much more robust than a dual clutch transmission.
  2. What a great post! thank you for sharing! i liked it very much)