Lexus LFA in Slate Blue

One of the first special color Lexus LFAs to arrive in the USA is sporting a Slate Blue exterior:

Slate Blue Lexus LFA Side Profile

Slate Blue Lexus LFA Passenger

Similar to the Laguna Seca Blue BMW M3, this Slate Blue is striking in its brightness — it’s difficult to get a real sense of the color from these cellphone photos, but it certainly makes for a unique look, to be sure.

[Source: Lexus Twitter Account]


  1. Spied bunch of Red & White LFA behind !
  2. SO MANY LFA's!
  3. I don't like it (the color) BD
    • I was just as adiment about that color when my pre-teen son bought a Hurley T-shirt in that color,but,you know,when he put it on,it looked really nice on him with his skin tone & eye color.It's like comparing oranges to water melons,I know,but I have a feeling that if you sat in that LFA,you'd be surprised how good you look sitting in it.I didn't like Sun Set Orange at first either(looked poppy red to me at first)but now,when I see it at the right angle,it looks really good to me & I can picture it under direct sun light.You have to admit though,it's nice to see some fresh colors.
    • A great car can make a bad color fly...... BD
    • Well said.I have to admit,I never liked  the LSB on the Bimmer,but to me,it looks great on the LFA!Just nice to have a break from all the red's & white's out there.
  4. I can't see much of the interior,but it looks as though this customer chose a nice combinatin of colors for the interior/exterior/wheels.They set each other off really nice.Nice combination!
  5. Awsome color!!
  6. Spelled Awesome though. It would be nice if we had a grace period to edit posts ;)
  7. nice but if it just came in a darker blue with blue and white inter, I would buy one.
  8. Yes I don't like the colour my self personal but this give a distinctive look compared to all the white,red LFAs out there with many colour you think out all the 500 owner you would at least see a whole lot of variety  of colours just be different. 
  9. Beautiful. Can't wait to see some other more unique colors.