Photos from the Lexus LF-LC Reveal

Lexus LF-LC

For my first installment of Lexus LF-LC photos from the Detroit Auto Show, let’s go back to the Monday reveal in the Riverview Ballroom:

It was a real lightshow at the event, and made for some very cool visuals — perhaps my favorite individual element on the LF-LC are the rear tail lights, which have red bands that seem to go on forever:

Lexus LF-LC Tail Lights

Still have plenty of photos to share, including some detail shots of the LF-LC interior and a full gallery of the new 2013 LX 570 — more soon!


  1. The shots of the rear end and tail lights are  breath taking......the new LED lights that resemble the jet engine after burners is completely mind blowing....first of its kind and LEXUS will be the first to introduce it.....we will see BMW copy it like they did on the 2006-2007 LS 430 introduction...... Also love the strips at the front that DO NOT look like the German christmas light theme.....soft flowing light under glass is what it remeinds me of. LEXUS is moving where we want to be and where no one has been before.....Truly innovative and cutting edge !
    • I totally agree with you & when they do copy,it will be Lexus that gets accused of ripping them off.By the way,can you remember how no one would shut up about Lexus being boring a year or two ago?With this new concept,the LFA,IS-F,GS F-Sport/GS,not to mention a whole invasion of other Lexus models at this years show,I almost feel sorry for the other car companies attending the show.THIS ON TOP OF TOP NOTCH QUALITY!?Imagine how envious they are now?
    • That was the LS460 (XF40), the LS430 is the previously model (XF30).
    • I knew when I sent it that I was mistaken......sorry !    I felt very confident that the enthusiast group would certailnly catch it.....Thank you!  I started to send a note to trail it, however, decided to wait. :)
    • Yeah Lexus does the DRL with class and not like the Xmas lights on the German cars
    • Next time you see a merc with drl's in your rearview mirror, take notice of how they shake and viberate when the car goes over even the smallest of bumps. They look cheap and flimsy. A poor example of attention to detail.
    • Yeah I'll see that
  2. Great pictures Krew!!!  I hope u have a chance to talk some high Lexus people, try find out little abot the future of new ES and IS, would be fun to read how they think, and i hope new IS will be hybrid and a  I think i say that every time i speak here. Keep up the good work Kevin..Oh and i think a new CX for the Europe market too.. best regard from patrick Sweden
  3. Holy cow! This truly is top notch attention to detail.. Im confident the production model will very closely resemble this..
    • I believe that as well.....this is coming to production......and will be a doorway opening for more future surprises to come....I have been a LEXUS owner for 17 years of many, many models and my die hard enthusiast love for this company and the product has never I feel a connection that has grown to be like a father protects his children.......very protective and very defenssive with the detractors.....the new style and direction that we are seeing is making that sense and feeling even stronger......GO LEXUS !
  4. Imagine this on the road