Lexus LFA #069 for Sale on eBay

Lexus LFA for Sale on eBay

There’s a new Lexus LFA for sale on eBay — this time, it’s Lexus of Massapequa in Long Island, New York, that’s offering the #069 LFA in Metallic Silver for the buy-it-now price of $386,400 USD.

Although two previous LFAs (see: one, two) have been seen on eBay, both were pulled before their end dates — it will be interesting to see if this one lasts for the two weeks remaining in the auction.

View the Lexus LFA eBay Auction (Thanks Charles!)

Update: As expected, this auction has now been pulled.


  1. Why would a dealer demean the product and the brand by putting an LFA into an Ebay auction?
  2. Evn

    Another fake/scam listing. Just like the other ones, the listing will get taken down eventually.
  3. Is this supposed to give them some sort of attention?! That's a fun number, and I'm guessing that if someone is willing to provide a happy sum up front, this might either go through or come to an end.
  4. might have to drive down and check it out lol   happy holidays to me :p 
    • 345 miles seems like a lot for a new car... maybe a certified pre-owned.  Can they can sell as a "new" car 
  5. Surely as scam like the other two earlier in the year-----really sad !
    • I have to agree!Not a color combination I would have chosen my self,but I have to admit,it looks pretty good.One of the darker wheel choices would make it look quite stunning.
  6. First thing that would have to go though on this LFA are the horrid chrome wheels.  And I agree with @joshd that 345 miles is NOT a new car, at least not to me.  Seeing that now would stop me from buying this LFA unless there were absolutely no others available.
  7. Already taken down....
  8. Hard to see how that car hasn't been titled with that much mileage. No dealer worth his salt is test driving it hundreds of miles! BD
  9. real deal dudes, I bought my is250 there