Akio Toyoda Introduces the Lexus GS at the Tokyo Motor Show

Although Lexus didn’t debut anything new at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, it still marked the home country debut of the next-generation GS — Lexus president Akio Toyoda was on hand to reveal the car to the assembled press:

There’s so much positive emotion in Toyoda-san’s speech, who didn’t shy away from marking the new GS’ significance:

“I have taken the wheel of the new GS many times. It is a great car that moves the driver’s heart. So much so, that I feel it will change Lexus.”

This is clearly a sincere man that believes in his company and what they’re doing — it’s to the point now that I can’t imagine Lexus without Akio Toyoda in charge.

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I can't say this enough times. Listening to Akio gives me this trembling feeling - a good sensation of faith in Lexus; so did Jim Press, but it's unfortunate that he left the Toyota board because he felt left out. He helped improve the quality of the current Ram, complained about Toyota's help from the government for the hybrids, and is now broke.... Press was a lot of fun at press events!
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  • December 1, 2011
 This is exactly what Lexus needs.  His words were so heartfelt, i know he meant every single one.  i can feel that this is the turning point for Lexus.  i am asking my boss tomorrow to grant me the opportunity to be the first person at our dealership to do a Pre-delivery inspection on the New GS. i cant wait.