Interview with Lexus GS Designer Katsuhiko Inatomi

As luck would have it, right after my post examining the next-generation Lexus GS exterior design, I stumbled across a very informative interview with Katsuhiko Inatomi, the designer responsible for the spindle grille that forms the new “face” of Lexus:

How is this different from other marques’ designs?

Inatomi: We believe our uniqueness lies in the fact. With the new GS, at first, you see a forthright boldness, but you also see purity and elegance. For example, the side profile has a simple purity of form, in contrast with its aggressive “face.” This harmony of simplicity and dynamism, without any excess of expression, is appropriate for a driver’s car of this nature…Visual impressions, in fact, change all the time with the new GS, creating an intimate, personal experience for the owner.

Does this relate to the L-finesse concept “Time in Design”?

Inatomi: Absolutely. Anyone looking at the new GS, as they transition from the wider point of view through to the smallest detail, can enjoy a journey of discovery, depending on where and how long they look. The spindle grille, for example, with its deeply sculptured, three-dimensional design, seems to draw in the air. Indeed, the GS design as a whole suggests airflow, inspired by our desire to unify the vehicle with natural wind. The spindle grille embodies this quality, changing its “facial expression” depending on your viewing angle.

As the manager of the Lexus Design Center in Japan, Inatomi-san is in a unique position to shape the future of the brand’s design, and his insight into the reasoning and decision-making behind the GS’ new design is invaluable — this interview is truly a must-read.

Read the full Katsuhiko Inatomi interview at the Lexus Global website

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"The Lexus Spindle" is definitely an upgrade over the Audi Gaping Hole In Need Of A Drool Cup BD
  • B
  • November 28, 2011
Anyone comparing the 4GS grill vs the Audi and saying it's the same must have an eyeball the size of a needle tip. Audi's front is just like a big blob (not hating the company), just think it doesn't have any resemblance with the 4GS.
  • J
    J. True
  • November 29, 2011
Sure wish they would have more closely modeled the car to his original exterior drawing.  /ohwell