CAR Magazine Sneak Peek: Lexus LFA vs. Lamborghini Aventador

Let’s take a break from the non-stop Lexus GS coverage and look at a sneak peek at what CAR Magazine has cooked up for their latest issue — the Lexus LFA vs. the Lamborghini Aventador:

Lexus LFA vs Lamborghini Aventador

Lexus LFA vs Lamborghini Aventador

There’s also this (far too) brief video:

So far the review’s not online, but there is a brief writeup on the CAR website:

Okay, the LFA has /only/ 552bhp, but it’s so unlike any Lexus that’s ever gone before: there’s no GS or LS slop or slack anywhere; the steering and brakes are brilliant; and it’s powered by the best engine this side of Paul Rosche’s masterpiece in the back of a McLaren F1.

That an LFA with the special Nürburgring Package has lapped the Nordschleife in a record-breaking 7:14, and that the Aventador feels (and is) much faster on the road tells you just how ridiculously quick Lambo’s latest and greatest is. It’s got 139bhp more than the Lexus. 139bhp! That’s an extra Suzuki Swift Sport. It’s a monster, but with four-wheel drive traction you can nail that throttle and access all 691bhp almost anywhere.

Even knowing that the extra horsepower firepower of the Aventador is going to be the deciding factor between the two cars, I’m still looking forward to this comparison.

[Source: CAR Magazine]


  1. I feel good, especially for the the LFA to be compared to the Lamborghini Aventador. Shows HP isn't always everything.
  2. F1

    It's funny how any euro badge always gets the bragging rights, let's say hypothetically the LFA had more HP, then it would be "The LFA is more powerful, but the Lamborghini with its AWD system and its superior handling would outdo the Lexus on the track"
    • LFA is still faster around the race track. Better balanced, better handling, steering and brakes. Hence quicker lap times. The Aventador just like other Lamborghini is plagued with bad understeer. Even with Aventador wearing Pirelli Corsa super-slick racing tires, LFA outhandles it. However, the 139 HP advantage for the Aventador and also curb appeal tips the scale in the favor of Aventador again.
  3. I would still pick the LFA. Power is the ONLY thing the Lambo has over the LFA. LFA is a much more focused driver car then the Lambo. But hey prob will never own either one sooo I'll go away now . . . .
  4. LFA for personal and obvious reasons!
  5. I am sorry, but for $375K, I would rather go for a Lamborghini or Ferrari. If the LF-A costs the same as the LS600hL, then I would consider it as an alternative route to a BMW M6
  6. The LF-A is an incredible technological achievement. But the styling does absolutely nothing for me. Never has. The Lamborghini looks mean, serious and aggressive and "Italian". The LF-A looks pretty bland next to it. I'm sorry, but that's how I feel.
  7. Lamborghini A-VENT-A-DOOR is my favorite Italian V12 HyperCar ... but Lexus LFA is my all-time favorite 2-Seaters ! Choosing between them isn't easy because both is that good for me . Guess what ? I'm taking both (only in Need For Speed TheRUN) !
  8. It really depends on what type of car you want. Personally that aventador looks super sexy; mean, fierce italian blood supercar. But as a collector, you'd want the piece of automotive history as the first Lexus supercar, 500 examples, f1 sound. Most rich people would probably end up with lamborghini because of its name but also its styling. 
  9. These animals couldn't be more different. I expect the Lambo to be faster The Lexus to sound and feel better I love the Lexus' look The Lambo looks too much like an arrowhead, or some kind of scaled reptile The Lambo is the better value, but the car you should probably date, not commit to If you want a car to marry, Lexus has something exotic for you BD
    • I agree BD----long term love in the LFA----sound and feel is incomparable to any other exotic and always the leader in class and refinement
    • LFA like I mentioned before, is better handling, better braking, better steering precision, which is why they say LFA might be quicker on the race track. the Aventador is quicker on the road with 139 HP more and super-slick racing Pirelli Corsa tires.
  10. Another memorable quote from the Car Magazine website: "......if there’s an LFA in your garage then you’re a connoisseur, rejoicing in its rarity and understated looks, and happy in the knowledge that you own one of the world’s best ever cars. Please, drive it everyday and do justice to the decade-long gestation." BD
  11. I think one important point in this comparison has been missed here.Lambo have had many oppourtunites to build this car Lexus have had 1 shot at it and its as good if not better than just about everything out there hence why I think the Lexus is more of an achievement.How many other Supercar makers can claim a fat like this nothing comes to mind bar the LFA. Kudo's must be given to Lexus/Toyota for this.
    • Excellent point! Nobody expected the LFA, much less for it to be THAT good! Lexus had only one shot.  They took it. And they scored! BD
    • hmm didn't lamborghini almost became bankrupt?
    • Yes they did the problem for me with the Lambo is with Audi now owning the company they have dialled all the passion out of the new Lambo's they have made them more tame with electronics and gone away from what Lambo's real character.they still have the Lambo looks but underneath thery are quite Tame as to how Lambo them selves used to build them. The LFA to be is as mentioned its pure driving pleasure as tested at the Ring just about every person testing it says the car wants you to kepp pushing and pushing and hence this is where all the pleasure comes from and hence why Lexus?Toyota have designed a real winner here.
    • I disagree with you
    • Please explain more.???
    • you're a S/F!
  12. Lets do math shall we: 700 HP + AWD = No Donuts or Burnouts .•. I would prefer the Lex
  13. am tired of these people who talk only bhp and cc. I cant even explain to them them cuz they only talk those 2 things and am not wasting my time banging my head on a rock. Few years on Lexus LFA will ahev more cc & bhp cuz it got good financials. But lambhorghini is Audi's keep and Volkswagen's bitch