New Lexus GS Coupe Rumors

Lexus GS Coupe

According to AutoGuide, Lexus is planning to replace the dearly departed SC 430 with a new GS coupe:

…we spoke to Lexus Corporate Manager of Product Planning Ben Mitchell, pushing him for details on a possible GS-F to sit as a rival to the BMW M5.

To our dismay Mitchell responded that there was “nothing to announce”, but then surprised us with a shred of info, disguised as a question. Speaking to a group of assembled journalists he asked our impression of the Audi A5/S5.

As though Mitchell’s question didn’t reveal enough about Lexus’ intentions, he also commented that with the demise of the SC430, there is now a space in the automaker’s lineup that needs filling.

Bringing in a GS (or rather, a GC) coupe to fill the gap left by the SC makes sense — not only would it provide Lexus with the mass-market coupe that’s been missing since the original SC, this move would also free up the possible next-generation SC to go even further upmarket, allowing it to go up against models like the BMW 6-Series and Mercedes SL.

Definitely liking this idea — what do you think?

[Source: AutoGuide]


  1. SL-Class is the huge Roadster ... not really same as 6er , Lexus GS would be pretty much same class like E-Class Coupe & 6er ... of course the XK-R & A5/S5 , with GS-F Coupe , we could have Lexus go even further !
    • Just to be clear, I was talking about a possible next-generation SC going up against the SL & 6-series -- sure, the SL only has two seats as compared to the 4-seat 6-series, but I always think of the two of them competing in the grand tourer segment.
  2. Agreed, the SL is not quite the same level of GT car that the 6 series or E class are. A GS-F coupe could be an incredible performance icon. Lexus could solidify what they have begun with the LFA and ISF, stating that Lexus can equal performance. 
  3. LEXUS NEW LINE-UP CT (will add a gasoline HB and RWD coupe on it based on the FT-86 plus a sedan version) HS-deleted(replaced by CT-sedan) IS-(the next 3rd generation will be found in 4 forms Sedan , Coupe , Cabriolet & Sport cross) ES-deleted GS-(with it's Amazing 4th generation the GS will add to it a Coupe variant as GS-C) SC-(will come back as a real 4 doors coupe to compete with 6-series , A7 & CLS) LS-(will got a coupe variant) with CT , IS , GS , SC & LS got both F and F-sport Variants  the next RX will share the IS chassis , the next GX will share the new GS the chassis with the all new small CT-X which shares the Rav-4 its Chassis & Engines last but not least the LFA will not be limited edition model and will sold with 100,000 $ less than the current model also it will got a convertible variant!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I have to admire your hatred of the ES, but there's no way it's getting cancelled -- in fact, everything I've heard about the new ES has been extremely positive. I also think we'll see an all-new model to compete against the A7/CLS, and that the next-gen SC will stay two door and borrow plenty of styling & tech from the LFA.
    • see krew About ES , i don't think their is nothing personal with ES as i saw it glorified CAMRY starting with 1 time and half the price of the extra fully loaded oneLEXUS will not compete the European if it had that car + the new AVALON already will step up over the any ES by far as a lot of TOYOTA dealers said before after they saw it in VEGAS so admit it if the AVALON will turn to upscale passionate sporty design front wheel car so what it the purpose of the ES then , and please don't say to me that the people wants a smooth FWD luxury car , that is TOYOTA , not LEXUS as the main target TOYOTA created LEXUS is to compete with the GERMANS not to be another BUICK , and i guess that the new GS with the next IS & CT with the help of the AVALON can completely take care of ES people ___________________________________________________________ About the SC it's simple and smart move right now is to be A7/6-Series /CLS competitor with Coupe / Cabrio & 4 doors coupe variant as the 6 series as the SC must remain as it's origin a 2+2 Coupe not to be an SL competitor because if the happen it will means no more another generations from the LFA which i hope not to read it in all my lifeRemember that Audi not have except 2 sport coupe TT & R8 BMW not have any for example i know that MB have 3 (SLR, SL & SLK) so LEXUS can create another model with also 3 letters as to let the 3 letters cars for coupe as now adays IS coupe = ISC i think the GS coupe = GSC  and may be the new small LFA called LFB 
    • i said the other day the ES needs to go as part of stream lineing the brand ..your point is exactly my point y the ES.. people on here said lexus needs a fwd with space ? this might be true in that that this vehicle is that but as i said it dosnt compete with anything from germany which is lexus's competitors ..the ES CHEAPENS THE BRAND no way about it shouldnt b a lexus it should have toyota badges on it but toyota already has a very capable car in the avalon i totally agree with u ES needs to go
    • at least i believe now i am not a single man in the world who want that but really the new 2013 AVALON will be a FWD/AWD with a coupe 4 doors design near to A7 & XJ which is for my view far more great than any ES designed or may be than any LEXUS/TOYOTA designed to it's time and that's why even it is completely finish in the same time of the CAMRY , TOYOTA didn't revealed it till now to gave the CAMRY the momentum may got stolen from it , if the people saw the new AVALON i think we can be sure of that , if the AVALON reveal at DETROIT as i don't think it will be found @ TOKYO
    • I must be crazy, because I'm a huge fan of the ES. It's the one car in the lineup that reminds me the most of my '94 LS 400, even though it's FWD.
    • I don't really think the ES cheapens the brand, in fact, I think the ES frees up the other models to be more daring and performance oriented. The new 5 series is a perfect example of this, as it tries to be all things to all people. With the ES, the GS doesn't have that problem.
    • Fo1

      Pit tap: I don't think you know what your talking about, the ES doesnt need to compete with anything from Germany, the ES is a car designed for the North American market that is high levels of comfort and refinement etc.. It's also cheaper then 5 series and E-class and it comes with more features, looks better, smoother and is larger.. The ES sits on a unique segment in its class as it is higher then entry and just lower then the true mud-size sedans 5, GS, E.. And it's also the top selling Lexus sedan and it regularly near the top of luxury auto sales in USA
  4. I think it makes sense to have 2 or 3 coupes to offer. Lexus led the pack for a long time but because of this year's bad luck in Japan they might fall second or third in U.S. luxury car sales. This should be a great occassion to come back stronger than ever and offer vehicles in every category. Playing it safe time is over, Lexus has to show it has balls. GS-F Coupe all the way with a 5.0L V8 twin turbo. I'm gonna keep saying it until someone listens.
    • Absolutely agree, and from the general excitement I hear talking to Lexus executives, I think we have plenty to look forward to.
  5. Toyota/Lexus is being conservative (their style) which is that they think business or sales first, which is a profitability driven mindset. To us, the enthusiast, this can be at odds with decisions we feel that they should be making. First, why is their vehicle lineup is so "sparse" compared to the other top marques such as Mercedes and BMW? I dont feel like checking the facts but I am guessing that BMW, Mercedes, and even Audi to some extent have all well established lineups of over 10 models or more with different variants running. Much understood that they are basically independent entities with well established European and American markets and finances. This could also be due to and seen in Lexus' relatively young age as well, which shows in some of its "mispercieved" misdirections in some of its product line up choices. Toyota has participated in Formula One, has a carbonfiber loom, etc etc... So they can't be broke. Why aren't they spending more on Lexus to make it aggressively competitive with the AMG and M branches by populating their lineup with more variants from which to choose. Are they currently / Were they working from a profit and sales standpoint? Why? To save money, due to lack of interest? BMW and Mercedes don't seem to think so.  This is why in my opinion they messed up the SC. The original 1991 SC400 was a car ahead of its time, as was the LS.. but the coupe was simply sublime in design and execution. It was solidly built and set its own trend, outclassing other big coupes of the day like the more expensive 8 series or CLK. This was when Lexus was in the business of making a bold impact and statement of excellence which they executed very well for the time. This was when Lexus was still hungry and aiming at the competition with crosshairs and ready to take the lead in the market. What happened...? A few years passed.... Now Lexus has been in the game for a few years, its the late 1990's and they have decisions to make. Replace the SC and GS... but how.They made the GS400 first, again leading the pack, now with performance and luxury. Time to replace the SC.... what do they do? Instead of trying to set a trend like before, they fell to conservatism and started copying the competition like the 6 series and SL, making the SC into a coupe convertible combo, but this car was not the groundbreaker like before, it was bland, aimed at the masses/purchases, bad decision from an enthusiast standpoint. Still has to be proven whether it was even a sound business decision. Was it just a poor, copying and marketing decision?  Why did they re-design the SC so bloated and dynamically inpept? They should have made it sharper than the original and much more sporty, the ball was in their hands. I again, think they wanted it to be like the SL and made the convertible to get those sales and had to adapt the chassis to this, which made it floaty and lame, especially compared to the first coupe's timless look. So fast forward to now... Lexus is refreshened in its pursuits under the helm of Akio and they look strongly set on re-establishing themselves as design and performance leaders. To do this, they must .... Please give us a sleek LFA like design like the original, and make it very dynamically capable. I think Lexus can do this now, lol finally. And just make another, softer convertible as suggested. Just make us enthusiasts, an ill sports coupe, light and LFA like interior and exterior, sharp and aggressive, not soft and bland to appeal to the masses and sales. Price it well, and make it take the performance lead as well, with an F variant with enough horsepower. We dont care if an F model exer exceeds the LFA in horsepower, Mercedes does it all the time, with lesser models having higher horsepower than their supercars. The LFA was a tribute to rich men, give us a tribute to the enthusiast who may have a dream of attaining it. Make us a cheaper Lexus LFA, following the sound principles established by its forbearer. Call it GS, SC or whatever. But please dont let the conservative decision makers win out on this one and give us another bland coupe, or your recent burst of momentum will be lost. You have the tools, new attitude, and means to do it. Do it. And please stop half-stepping on the F models, make the engines and stop always trying to be on this eco-friendly hybrid thing all the time now. Give them the 500+ horsepower they need, and take the number one performance spot seriously, not marketing, finally take the full lead from BMW & Mercedes like you can, in performance,luxury, smart and full product lineup, reliability, and sales. I think they are on their way to doing this, but some important new decisions are coming up.......
    • Great comment, thanks for contributing. For the record, I agree completely regarding the 1SC to the 2SC -- they should have been two separate models. I do think that whatever becomes of the next-generation SC, it's going to be heavily influenced by the LFA. After all, all that freshly developed technology has to show up somewhere, right?
    • I like to use the analogy of a rock band.  The first album is usually the best because the artists have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Once they have had a hit, however, they become extremely cautious when they get back in the studio.  it describes exactly what happened to Lexus in the late 90's and 00's.  in 1990 Lexus wasn't afraid to make a dedicated Luxury or Sport vehicle, now they are making luxury/sport vehicles.  granted, our society wants everything at once, but it is actually refreshing to see cars like the CT200h because it is a car that knows its specific purpose.  I drive a 2007 GS 350, and while i would take that any day over a 5 series or E-class, i know deep down my car has no real direction or purpose except to fill a market segment. 
  6. In my opinion Lexus is way to slow to respond to their rivals in certain key areas and it has begun to hurt them. A GS Coupe is much needed, but I think the market for such cars is very small as a whole and it is clearly dominated by the Germans. Lexus not only needs a GS Coupe, they also need a GS Convertible and at least two or three engines choices for it. A V6, a V8 and perhaps even an entry-level 4-cylinder or smaller V6. This isn't going to happen as far as I am concerned. The new GS won't have a V8 according to most reports which means we'll only have a GS350 Coupe - if ever. You can forget about competing with an E550 Coupe/Convertible (My other car is a '11 E350 Convertible, nice car). I'd rather that Lexus focuses on something along the lines of a TT, Z4 or SLK, MX-5 or Boxster/Cayman rival. That's where the fun and future customers are. A small RWD open-top fun car to appeal to younger buyers and get them hooked on the brand. That's exactly what those aforementioned cars are doing for Audi, BMW etc. They're grabbing hold of the young people and getting them hooked. And - those people are going to report positive feedback about those cars to their friends (word-of-mouth). Lexus is clearly missing out here. There isn't a single car that Lexus sells that can attract younger buyers and offer them straightforward FUN. The CT200h and HS250h might be affordable, but are dull to drive and not convertibles. My ex-wife had an SC430 Roadster - dull car. Refined and quiet, but utterly dull to drive and awful to look at. Plus it appealed to geezers, I suspect.
    • i was thinking the same thing just the other day on the TT , Z4 , SLK lexus needs a car in that segment maybe based on the ft-86
    • Well, my theory is that Lexus decided not to build a V8 GS because they're planning to release a GS F, and didn't think the market could support two V8 GS models. I really don't know which market Lexus should go after next -- my feeling is that a smaller CUV is the top priority, no matter how much I'd liked to see a small RWD convertible.
    • Fo1

      I dont think Lexus is too worried about the SUV/CUV segment because they know that a rav4 sized RX will destroy the segment.. Considering the RX a bigger and more expensive vehicle outsells much cheaper and smaller luxury SUV's such as X3 etc
  8. We all know that Lexus desperately urgently needs new models competing in new segments. So. why. does. it. take. them. so. friggin. long. to. get. them. to. market.? Zzzzzz
  9. Oh man, what to do..wait for this rumor or get the new GS? the suspense is killing me!!
  10. I think it is a great thought-----now leaves open the space for the SC600 that was pictured a year or so ago that was absolutely gorgeoues.....anyone have access to that picture for me again?  That particular rendering of the SC was outstanding to me.
    • My pleasure, here's the link: I've also attached the image in case you need instant gratification. ;-)
  11. Fo1

    The only reason German have all these models is because they know they have no chance against Lexus with their core products alone
  12. Check it out!!! The GSh F Sport (labeled GS 350 F Sport) has foglights!!! (Source: Kaizen Factor)
  13. Wouldn't a Lexus coupe competitor to the A5/S5 be based off the next IS rather than the GS?
    • In a way, it would be -- the GS & IS share the same platform, and it's likely that they will have similar styling when the next-gen IS comes out.
  14. this move makes a lot of sense.  they would be able to position the new SC closer to the LFA, and make some of its qualities available to a wider market.