New Lexus GS Coupe Rumors

Lexus GS Coupe

According to AutoGuide, Lexus is planning to replace the dearly departed SC 430 with a new GS coupe:

…we spoke to Lexus Corporate Manager of Product Planning Ben Mitchell, pushing him for details on a possible GS-F to sit as a rival to the BMW M5.

To our dismay Mitchell responded that there was “nothing to announce”, but then surprised us with a shred of info, disguised as a question. Speaking to a group of assembled journalists he asked our impression of the Audi A5/S5.

As though Mitchell’s question didn’t reveal enough about Lexus’ intentions, he also commented that with the demise of the SC430, there is now a space in the automaker’s lineup that needs filling.

Bringing in a GS (or rather, a GC) coupe to fill the gap left by the SC makes sense — not only would it provide Lexus with the mass-market coupe that’s been missing since the original SC, this move would also free up the possible next-generation SC to go even further upmarket, allowing it to go up against models like the BMW 6-Series and Mercedes SL.

Definitely liking this idea — what do you think?

[Source: AutoGuide]