Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Lexus LFA for Forza 4

Lexus LFA Review by Jeremy ClarksonThe latest edition of the Xbox racing game, Forza 4, has a unique tie-in with Top Gear and, more specifically, Jeremy Clarkson.

Part of this collaboration included turning in brief voice-only reviews of a select group of automobiles, and one of those cars was the Lexus LFA — lucky for us, Jalopnik has posted it the video, and we can all be surprised by Clarkson’s positive comments on the Lexus supercar.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson’s LFA Review (Thanks DuDe!)


  1. The price comment is getting old... very old
  2. Maybe next time TG runs the LFA episode they can put that voiceover on instead of Hamster's.
  3. Whoa! I never knew about the air vents!
  4. The short review was great. Typical Jezza. Still, I don't understand why they're calling it the "LF-A"! The hyphen dropped off as the car became production ready... Wonder if Forza guys can still patch the game.
  5. The last time I checked, 458 Italias in North America after a few options are going for over $300+ K (check OTD price of C&D and MT) while LFAs are selling with all possible amenities for $375,000. The twice as much comment is a base price versus a loaded price. It is apples to oranges, but hey any argument to put down an exotic car by Lexus.
  6. A car like the LFA doesn't need an muted endorsement from Clarkson.  He's just as pompous and annoying as Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell.   He fits the stereotype too easily.  No need to watch him own it.....BD
  7. Hopefully Top Gear can get their hands on the LFA Nürburgring and put that Clarkson at the wheel. Plus do the test when it isn't raining.
  8. that's what TOYOTA shows what they are capable of i like that
  9. that's what TOYOTA shows what they are capable of i like that
  10. Toyota has a habit of making the most epic sports car in the world (2000GT, Supra Turbo, Lexus LFA).......WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT!     BD
  11. It is what Toyota is capable of. (Y) Top Gear should bring Lexus LFA Ring Edition to their next season, I hope it would do serious damage there.
    • Even the standard LFA was capable of doing serious damage despite being on disappointly mediocre tires. Even in the soaking wet, it lap 1:22.8 and became Stig's (Ben Collins) most favorite exotic supercar of the season and then the second chance arrived when they did the 'Greatest supercars of 2010' and then they made the excuse of the noise police shutting them down because LFA was too loud. It was obvious they did not want to do a serious dry lap since it would have made most Ferraris and Porsches look ordinary.
  12. You guys have to understand ... LFA is made by Toyota/Lexus , which is Japanese ; while the so-called very cheap 458 Italia is made by Ferrari , which is Italian . The brand ... is everything , for people that afford something expensive .
  13. Cool cars review~!