Lexus CT 200h Wins Rallye International Vert de Montréal [Update]

Lexus CT 200h Winner

A Lexus CT 200h has won the third annual Rallye International Vert de Montréal leg of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup, a world championship for vehicles with alternative energy propulsion.

The owner/driver of the CT 200h, Sébastien Kroetsch, is a commenter here at Lexus Enthusiast, and a friend of mine — my hearty congratulations to both Sébastien and his co-driver, Éric B-Meunier, for their victory!

See more photos of the Lexus CT 200h

Update: As it turns out, the CT 200h was first in the “Regularity” category (amount of fuel used divided by weight) and third in the “Fuel Consumption” category, which was good enough for second place overall. The Prius Plug-in team of Vinh Pham & Peter Nytkowas finished first overall.

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  1. Luxury and efficiency wins again!!! Congratulations of the Win boys!
  2. It's actually the 5th edition this year. Out of all the vehicles there we only got beat by two Prius Plug-in on the fuel consumption index, we even used less fuel than a Chevrolet Volt. Toyota Canada's team gets to go to Monaco's own Green Rally thanks to their Best in event Prius. Check out even more pictures from the Rally on
  3. You even beat Raymond Durand in his Prius - he won the Alternative Energies cup last year! I was at this event and met Sebastien and Eric - both were really great guys to talk to. I was a little surprised to see a CT entered. With all of the attention and media surrounding the plug-in Prius and Volt, the black CT was the dark horse of the race. Sebastien, how did you guys prepare for the race?
    • To tell you the truth, our experience last year thaught us a lot. On our first day we had no idea what we were doing except for following the recommended speed and directions. One tip from a rally volunteer staff changed our whole calculations for the last day of the event. While behind the wheel of a competitor's car at that time we managed to finish first with our new calculated numbers. It was too little too late then to win anything other than experience. This year we were on the ball. Not using any machines or computers like Toyota teams we did all our numbers before the race and were even more precise then them. I had a good laugh when Mr. Pham asked me what type of machine we were using and I pointed my head.
  4. It's all about his great chassis.
  5. RIP Steve Jobs  And Thank You! You made the World a better place BD
  6. RIP Steve Jobs  And Thank You! You made the World a better place BD
  7. I'm confused. Is this a race of speed or just fuel efficiency? Is the overall ranking based on the time to the chequered flag or just an average of the scorings in the “Regularity” and the “Fuel Consumption” scorings? Anyone knows? If this is not a race of speed then it's quite meaningless as everyone would simply go as leisurely as possible.
    • I was told the Fuel Consumption scores are more heavily weighted than Regularity, but I quite honestly had some difficulty understanding exactly how the race was run. If you're curious, you can watch this video, which shows the setup (even though the video is actually in French): There was also this article that recapped the race: Hope that helps!
    • However, there is another point to add -- the FIA organization only looks at Regularity, so in another sense the CT 200h did win the race as well. Very confusing, I admit.
    • For a portion of the Rally you have to drive as efficiently as possible but the Regularity portion are time by the second so you can't concentrate on you fuel comsumption. You have to be precisly at the right place on the right time. We won the Regularity portion of the Rally which got us the First place Internationally but the Rally also takes under consideration the fuel used through the course. In that regards, plug-in cars would obviously be more efficient and win that portion. What's sad is that Fuel comsuption as mentionned weighs more than the Regularity portion which is the real Rally in my opinion.
    • Thanks for kindly explaining the details Sebastien. And congrats on the win! Thanks to krew for the info too!
  8. Interesting, I never knew about this. Thanks.