New Lexus GS-F Rendering from Japan

As previously mentioned, TLE reader Shamiz sent over a bunch of cellphone pics from an unnamed Japanese car magazine, and among the images was this rendering of a possible Lexus GS-F:

Lexus GS-F

I really hope that Lexus tries to incorporate the LF-Gh’s giant grille with the GS-F, even if it’s as simple as blacking out the dividing bumper. In fact, let’s try that quickly:

Lexus GS-F Blacked Out Bumper

In designing the GS-F, I’m curious how much will be taken from the existing IS-F — and even more specifically, I wonder if the front air vents will be carried over to the next generation of F-marque models. They’re certainly a large part of the current IS-F’s visual identity.

Along with the photo is some speculation that the GS-F would be powered by the IS-F’s 5.0L V8 engine, with output bumped up to 467 HP — but considering the new BMW M5 is packing 560 HP and the Mercedes E63 has 550 HP, I have to think that 500+ HP needs to be the target. Of course, it’s all speculation at this point.

What do you think of this GS-F photochop?

(If anyone’s interested, I’ve included the full magazine page after the jump.)