Is Lexus Building a More Powerful CT?

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport

Also included with the recent CAR Magazine LFA rumors was mention of a possible Lexus CT engine upgrade:

Toyota is working on two other performance cars separate from the FT-86 and LFA projects.

Information is sketchy at this point, but CAR understands one is a front-wheel drive car (possibly a go-faster CT200h) and one is a potential successor to the Supra.

It also sounds like future fast Toyota/Lexus models will switch from high-revving naturally aspirated engines – as in the LFA, ISF and FT-86 – to smaller, turbocharged engines.

Pure speculation on the part of CAR, but there’s a certain logic to it. I have to think a higher-powered CT is in the cards — the 1.8L engine was a great starting point for early adopters, but the market should really open up with some extra horsepower. The big questions is: Would Lexus ever consider using a non-hybrid engine in the CT?

Personally, I don’t think so — too much of the CT’s personality is tied into being hybrid-only, and moving away from that negates much of the brand-building that’s already occurred.

Instead, it’s more likely that Lexus will boost the CT’s hybrid powertrain with a more more powerful engine — something like the 200 HP 2.5L hybrid system used in the new Toyota Camry Hybrid. In fact, Lexus has already experimented with this, using a 2.4L engine in a CT “racecar” during this seasons’s VLN races and in a CT 200h Nürburgring Concept built by Lexus Australia.

Enough from me — what do you think Lexus should use in a higher-powered CT?

[Source: CAR Magazine]


  1. I think the market is there for a more powerful CT. I don't find the 200h to be underpowered,but it can certainly handle a lot more power,and I do think people would be happy to pay for it. The new Camry's hybrid powertrain is a very likely candidate,I think.
  2. The 200hp 2.5L hybrid setup from the camry would be a PERFECT for a CT250h!
  3. Yes krew...The new engine from the Camry will be perfect  like a Gti with 200hp But it would be great with a Ct 350..
  4. Personally I would use the Hs250h's powertrain, It does 187 bhp, and the HS does 0-60 in 8.7 seconds. The HS weighs 1.67 tons, where as the CT weighs 1.4 tons. The current drivetrain of the CT propels it to 60 mph, in under 9.8 sec, with only 134 hp. So plus 53 hp, minus 200 kilograms, I think it would be a decent performance boost. 
    • I would think that if Lexus was really pushing the HS, it would also get this upgraded 2.5L hybrid powertrain.
  5. I would use both Camry engines, the new 2.5 gas, and the new Hybrid engine Something for everyone! BD
  6. Why go half mesures? The 2.5L 200hp setup would be awesome. The car already has superb handling and with the added power it would really make a statement. CT300h or CT-F?
    • That's an interesting question -- personally, I don't think the 2.5L would justify being called the CT-F with "only" 200hp, but bump it up a little higher and it could totally work.
  7. A successor to the Supra would be nice to see after all these years...
    • Yeah, it's rumors like this when I wish I had a Toyota blog as well. ;-)
    • "The Toyota Enthusiast". :^D
    • JVX

      I remember the 300zx twin-turbo and Supra turbo back in the late 80's.  It was fun back then.  If the 350z can make a come-back.  I don't see why the Supra can't.  It has been long overdue.  Would love to see the Mitsubishi 3000GT. 
    • Here's a thought:Toyota will have the FT-86II (or whatever the production model will be called)to offer sportscar enthusiasts ,so why not make the Supra's replacement a Lexus? The Last Supra was a very upscale grand tourer,and Lexus needs something to offer all those people who've been seduced by the LFA,but aren't among the lucky few who actually gets to own one. 
    • Supra should be belongs to Toyota ... that's the trademark of Toyota as Lexus have Soarer already . Supra ... is made for everything like Drift , Drag , Track & so on ; Soarer is made for Tourer like a Maserati GranTurismo .
  8. I hope Lexus sticks with naturally-aspirated engines. If only Lexus had made more engines a few years back for everyone to enjoy! /:
  9. This piece of new isn't for me... I don't need a more powerful car, with the current model for me is enough. I mean that I prefer a eco-friendly car than a sportive one. For sportive we have the IS-F, but the fuel consumption can be high. I only want this CT200h in a AWD transmission, the rest isn't relevant at all.
  10. CT-F with the hybrid V6 from the GSh...prob wont happen but sounds good haha
  11. anything more than 200hp in a performance oriented FWD is really pushing it.... i say stick in the 200hp camry drivetrain and its perfect.  the CT with a 3.5 v6 would be worthless unless it was awd...torque steer anyone?
  12. Why not use this new 2.0 ToyoBaru engine? I'm sure it wasn't built for just the one car! BD
    • Now that sounds like a good idea....however, that boxer engine is not designed for a fwd layout.  the trans would have to be in the center of the car which would mean a serious design overhaul
  13. Put Super-Charger would be much better ... sounds better & have better performance . XD
  14. 233kW 3.5L V6 from IS350!
  15. i hope use the FR-S engine in new CT
  16. Three complaints about the CT 200h - it's really punched, crappy looking radio and no peer passenger seat.  So, yeah, a 200 hp CT would be a much more appealing proposition.
  17. Three complaints about the CT 200h - it's really punched, crappy looking radio and no peer passenger seat.  So, yeah, a 200 hp CT would be a much more appealing proposition.
  18. Interesting.  But I abhor anything that looks like a truck or a station-wagon.
  19. Lexus' should all be RWD and have engines with no less than 6 cylinders. Every Lexus car should be available as hybrid and some could be hybrid-only. Turbochargers and/or diesel engines should never be found in a Lexus vehicle.
  20. i personally believe the CT is the perfect platform for an EV.  there needs to be some more excitement brought to the hybrid/EV market and i think this car is the best place to start.
  21. I would say a turbo or super charged 2.5L four pot.