Is Lexus Building a More Powerful CT?

Lexus CT 200h F-Sport

Also included with the recent CAR Magazine LFA rumors was mention of a possible Lexus CT engine upgrade:

Toyota is working on two other performance cars separate from the FT-86 and LFA projects.

Information is sketchy at this point, but CAR understands one is a front-wheel drive car (possibly a go-faster CT200h) and one is a potential successor to the Supra.

It also sounds like future fast Toyota/Lexus models will switch from high-revving naturally aspirated engines – as in the LFA, ISF and FT-86 – to smaller, turbocharged engines.

Pure speculation on the part of CAR, but there’s a certain logic to it. I have to think a higher-powered CT is in the cards — the 1.8L engine was a great starting point for early adopters, but the market should really open up with some extra horsepower. The big questions is: Would Lexus ever consider using a non-hybrid engine in the CT?

Personally, I don’t think so — too much of the CT’s personality is tied into being hybrid-only, and moving away from that negates much of the brand-building that’s already occurred.

Instead, it’s more likely that Lexus will boost the CT’s hybrid powertrain with a more more powerful engine — something like the 200 HP 2.5L hybrid system used in the new Toyota Camry Hybrid. In fact, Lexus has already experimented with this, using a 2.4L engine in a CT “racecar” during this seasons’s VLN races and in a CT 200h Nürburgring Concept built by Lexus Australia.

Enough from me — what do you think Lexus should use in a higher-powered CT?

[Source: CAR Magazine]