Poll: Lexus GS Coupe, GS-F, GS-F Coupe or GS Sportcross?

Lexus GS-F, GS Coupe, GS-F Coupe or GS SportCross

Time for a poll — now that we have the basic idea of next-generation Lexus GS, what would you like to see next: GS coupe, GS-F, GS-F coupe or GS SportCross?

I’m really hoping we get a GS coupe some time in the near future, but what I really want to see next is the GS-F — I think it’s the most likely to reach production, it’s exactly what the brand needs to build off the LFA, and I picture it having the shortest development time.

What do you think?

[Image Source: Lexus, Edmunds & Theophilus Chin]