Poll: Lexus GS Coupe, GS-F, GS-F Coupe or GS Sportcross?

Lexus GS-F, GS Coupe, GS-F Coupe or GS SportCross

Time for a poll — now that we have the basic idea of next-generation Lexus GS, what would you like to see next: GS coupe, GS-F, GS-F coupe or GS SportCross?

I’m really hoping we get a GS coupe some time in the near future, but what I really want to see next is the GS-F — I think it’s the most likely to reach production, it’s exactly what the brand needs to build off the LFA, and I picture it having the shortest development time.

What do you think?

[Image Source: Lexus, Edmunds & Theophilus Chin]


  1. Why can't I vote all ? T.T
  2. I gave my vote to the GSF coupe but actually I'd like to have both, a streamline 4 door coupe and the GSF sedan and coupe.
  3. Gotta be the GS-F sedan, LEXUS HAS to do this to keep up the competition with BMW and the M5. They are fools if they don't.
  4. There should be a 5th option :1,2+3  :P But I voted for GS-F, one could only imagine what it would sound like with a de tuned LFA engine, wowzers.
  5. GS Sport Cross would help to boost sales in Europe... More than the GS-F I guess... So I voted SportCross.
  6. A very difficult choice,both from the perspective of what I would like personally and what I think would make the most business sense. 
  7. Get the GS-F done, and instead of the SportCross, build the old HPX Concept off the GS platform! BD
  8. i hope  the 4
  9. How is the SportCross beating out the coupe idea.?.  Lexus needs more Coupes, period.  But yeah the GS-F is a must for sure...
  10. Ideally I'd love to see both a coupé and a SportCross,and the GS-F in all body styles. I don't think I see a need for Lexus to follow the Germans' every body style whim. Perhaps I'm being a bit conservative,but the recent trend of "bombarding" the market with new and novel body shapes comes across as a bit desperate to be honest. (BMW X6,Merc CLS,Audi A5 Sportback etc).
  11. I voted for the GS-F.  It's a must at this point.  When the new GS is no quicker than my current 07 GS350 there's more power needed to keep up with Audi and BMW.  So I am waiting on the GS-F because that will make the difference of the car that I buy next year being the Audi RS5 or Lexus GS-F.  I would much rather stay with Lexus for the reliablity factor.  But the Audi's power and look and the fun factor has gotton my attenttion.
  12. i dont see all this lexus , i want photo for all lexus GS 2012 and F and sportcros and >>>
  13. Tim

    GS-F coupe.. But GS-F would be nice to have right now
  14. Maybe go at it from the other direction -- a sedan version of the LFA in the 200K range.  An over-the-top daily driver that's more conservative than a Gallardo for example, but younger and higher-performance than an S-Class MB.  Call it the GFA. :-)
    • Hey you are on to some smart thinking...... I have imagined this same thing. what would be fantastic is if LEXUS could configure a four door sedan from the LFA. The Porshe Panamera style with ulltra luxury and wicked power. The Panamera comes in 7 versions from base to Turbo with even a Hybrid. This would be capturing a market that really wants sport, but the Luxury of a sedan without the limousine length.  More market capture and i am all for that. With Akio's comment:  "I want Lexus to be the choice that the most sophisticated buyers and drivers want".  I say give it some thought LEXUS.
  15. BTW, my sources tell me the next GS Hybrid will have 450HP...... BD
    • Do you think the LSH--600 will pull up fro 438 HP to beat that????   Usuall the LS is always higher---
    • I think the leaked Frankfurt brochure likely has a typo -- there's a discussion about this at Club Lexus: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-fourth-generation/591164-450hp-for-gs450h.html
    • I'm leaning towards it being a typo too. I spoke with the head of Lexus Norway on Saturday and he said that the new GS 450h would "still do 0-100 km/h in 5.9 seconds,even with fuel consumption being heavily reduced." He also said he had asked about the possibilities of the LFA Roadster being produced and had been told that "if the response is there,we will build it". Sounds very promising,doesn't it? 
  16. I've voted for GS SportCross, but I would like the other models also, and of course, a GS-F SportCross, like an Audi S6 or RS6 or BMW M5 Touring. I hope that from Lexus Europe can release an SportCross model in GS and, why not, also in IS. Many buyers in Europe can be so happy with this.
  17. SportCross - :sickface:  WTH are you all thinking?!?!?!  They may sell 6 of those, but yeah, let's do that!
  18. This is the scoop on the new GS450h http://www.leftlanenews.com/lexus-gs-450h.html Gave up 2 HP, but added 30% in EPA Should be 30MPG city BD
  19. Lexus lack family friendly models unless you are prepared to drive the RX so I vote for the GS Sport Cross! Whatever happened to the long rumored IS Sportcross?