Lexus CT 200h Leads Luxury Compact Sales in USA

2012 Lexus CT 200hAutoGuide has run the Lexus CT 200h sales numbers, and despite its late March launch and earthquake-delayed inventory, the hybrid hatchback sits as the top-selling compact luxury car in the USA.

As of July, here’s how the numbers break down: 1) CT 200h: 5,321 2) BMW 1-Series: 5,257 3) Audi A3: 3,803. If these numbers keep up, Lexus should have no trouble meeting its year-end goal of 10,000 CTs sold.

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  1. *5,322. I bought one last Tuesday.
  2. D2

    The problem is the lead is too small.. Back in the days Lexus used to lead BMW & Mercedes by a massive margin..
  3. And some people dare suggest Americans lack taste! Here's proof they have plenty! ;-)
  4. Haters gonna hate ... but I heard people said CT is bit hard on suspension , the looks is my kind of car but seems like the ride might be not . Anyway , I hope Lexus will have higher sales !
  5. And looking at the new ugliest bmw 1 series maybe the things can only get better for Lexus!
  6. I hate BMW's, they all look the same.. Go look at a BMW lot at the dealer and every car looks the same.. And what quality control methods are in place at the German 3.. the panel gaps on BMW's, Audi's & Mercedes are scary.. It's amazing how they can sell cars for so much..  (I mean just look at the above image of the CT, just by looking at that image, you can tell that it's a well made car) 
  7. These numbers even with March launch and such adverse Japan conditions-----this vehicle is just out and catching on---wait until deliveries are at peak production---the numbers will be awesome----I am so anxious for full production and the new Models coming----the numbers will be outstanding for 2012.....hide and watch !
  8. JVX

    That's great news for the CT.  What Lexus did with the HS, they made it up with the CT.  They should have made a hybrid sedan based on the IS. That would have sold more.  The HS somehow doesn't look proportional. It looks look tall and not as wide, remind me of the Echo.
    • D2

      But you have to differentiate your products, and you must make sure your vehicles don't get cross-shopped with your own brand.. Lexus/Toyota is smart enough to know that.. It's one of those reasons why the LS won't be getting an 3.5L engine (at least for USA).. As the price gap between the GS and LS350 would be too small.. And also the Lexus LS would some of its exclusivity if the price of it goes down..