Lexus Magazine Column: Undercover GS

The next generation Lexus GS is almost here, and to mark the occasion, I’ve put together a brief pictorial timeline of all the car’s public appearances (accidental or otherwise) for the latest edition of my monthly Lexus Magazine column.

(Hard to believe it was only November of last year when we caught our first glimpse of that GS development test mule in Germany!)

Read my GS Article over at Lexus Magazine

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  • Anonymous
  • August 13, 2011
Great article Krew! And thanks again! :D
wow thanks Krew in that well made article
  • P
  • August 13, 2011
Great article Krew.  Someone should bomb the Nurburing ever since  the GTR made a record on that road every damn company is testing on it.   They should be testing this thing on the bumpy roads of California or the dirt roads in China that is were the majority of the sales are at!
  • Anonymous
  • August 14, 2011
James May shares your thoughts on what should be done with the nurburing - it seems every car manufacturer is developing their cars there - Result: harsher, stiffer rides which sacrifice comfort for faster lap times
  • D
    Danny Y Harada
  • August 17, 2011
I like the all leather steering wheel better than the wood & leather combination.  Not sure about the chrome or brushed aluminum within the steering wheel as well.  It seems to be the recent fashion, however, I guess that I am more of a minimalist in that aspect.  The center of the steering wheel also appears to be somewhat bulky in contrast to a let's say Mercedez 3 point steering wheel.  In addition, I understand the functionality of the racing foot rest, brake and accelerator pedals, however, in an all weather environment, it may be better to have some rubber type studs and or skateboard type tape to keep the foot from slipping.  Glad that they god rid of the older model very funky center dash design.  I did not like the rounded dash console at all.  This is much cleaner.  Just from the photo though, the center of the dash seems to be a little on the high side.  If the screen is touch sensitive, it also seems like somewhat of a reach while in a seated position.  Everything else looks clean!  The exterior body is somewhat difficult to get a good grasp as I was expecting a little more aggressive look similar to the concept car exterior which I think is also very nice!